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M Y * S T O R Y * 

I started this dream with a timid heart + shaky knees, wondering how to begin a big business venture on passion and relentless enthusiasm alone.  (Photo Taken by Melissa Lynch 2016)

My South Bay roots intertwined with intuition has lead the way thus far.  Being the second generation to call Manhattan Beach home has played a huge role in shaping my undying love for the fire-y sand and restless ocean. 

From an early age, the beach was my playground. I spent most of my sun-filled childhood days on Marine Avenue with my beach crew or on the Avenues in South Redondo with the coolest man I have ever known: my dad. All I wanted to do was ride in the waves and rock my favorite pair of Air Walks, jean shorts and Stussy shirt (which my Grandma dubbed as my "uniform").  

As I grew up, life took me down other paths.  After high school, I forgotten about my water pursuits to focus on obtaining a degree in Interior Design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Downtown Los Angeles.  To then further my education in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Westwood College.  

After spending many years on other career pursuits I eventually felt unfulfilled.  
March 23, 2015 was the day the idea of teaching people to stand up paddleboard bloomed in my heart. I worked full time at a dermatology office. I had been living back in my hometown a short year, looking to start my life over again. I was fresh out of a marriage and grieving the most significant loss of my life: my mother's death. The one thing that kept me close to any shred of joy in that dark time was reconnecting with the water. I turned to paddle boarding. 

When I clocked in my 8 hours at work, I disappeared from my desk a minute later, racing a few blocks home to grab my board and get in the water ASAP.

It was my time to sort through the ashes and find my way again. It was a way to connect with my inner compass and heal. Each burst of light I felt depositing back into my soul, revealed a strong desire to share this soulful activity so others could increase their happiness and connection with themselves. It was unmistakable the way it turned my life around....I smiled at the feel of the sun blanketing my skin, my spirit raced with the tide and I felt as free as can be when the texture of the board met my feet. 

Photo taken by Jamie Vassar 2017 

My passion truly developed. I taught myself how to Stand Up Paddleboard over the course of 5 years.  April 2016, I enrolled in Paddle Into Fitness's SUP course that certified me through World Paddle Association standards to teach Stand Up Paddleboarding, in addition to becoming CPR/ First Aid Certified.  

Now, 2 years later, I feel incredibly grateful to watch my students light up when they find their footing on a stand up paddle board. The experience of teaching them how to find that connection makes me see that this is what I was put on earth to do. This is what I want to give amazing experience. 

 I love sharing my passion for Stand Up Paddleboarding with anyone looking to connect with a new passion and enjoy water life.

Please check out my schedule on the top right hand corner where it says "BOOK NOW" to make your SUP Lesson or SUP Rental reservation.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions: amanda(at)Thebeachonista(dot)com or 310.292.8419. 

Looking forward to getting out on the water with you!!

Love + Sun,

Amanda Koss

Founder of The Beachonista 

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