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My Story

Being the third generation to call Manhattan Beach "home" has played a significant role in my undying love for the restless sea. The beach has been my playground before I took my first steps in 1984. My sun-filled childhood days were spent in the water on Marine Avenue in Manhattan Beach + on the Avenues with the coolest man I've ever known: my dad. All I wanted to do was ride the waves and rock my favorite Air Walk and jean shorts combo, which my Grandma dubbed as my "uniform."  
When I was 11 my father passed away and my mother fell into a deep depression filled with alcohol. My life turned inside out. I had long forgotten my water pursuits and struggled to keep my head above water while growing up in a troubled home with misguided family members raising me.  

I grew up absorbing a wealth of unsupportive messages in the most difficult times of my life.  My sense of self and self esteem crashed down and was never built up properly in my upbringing. I was fed lies that I wasn't good enough, that something was wrong with me; that I would never measure up or be an accomplishment. I was led to believe I wasn't good enough as I was. It created chronic lack of self esteem and heavy shame in which I desperately shoved so far down that I could never be seen as shameful of the characteristics I was told were flaws.  I sought after achievement and material wealth to fill up my empty "self love tank" because I knew it was approved of. I didn't know I needed to turn inward to heal the wounds that laid beneath the surface.  

One day I woke up in what I thought was my "dream life" to find I was miles away from home. I was newly married to a man who betrayed me, my group of friends fled and a family that told me to stick it out. I sank into a deep dark cocoon filled with massive anxiety and depression at every waking moment

"It's always darkest before the dawn..."
Little did I know, The Universe was waking me up to show me that it was time to see how not being myself, not loving myself, pretending is what got me to a life that wasn't meant for me.

I was so GRATEFUL to being lead down this dead end road so I could find the key to unlocking myself from the shackles that bonded me to a false belief of how I felt about myself. It wasn't the end of my life like I had thought. It was just the beginning of anything and everything I could have ever wanted. 

The Beachonista "Free Your Spirit" was born straight out of my transformational journey that freed me from shame and connected me an overflowing well of self love. Now that I know who I am I have created my happiest life.  

The best feeling in the world was starting over. 

The best feeling in the world was knowing this 
life is my own to create.

The best feeling in the world was replacing the beliefs that didn't accept or love myself with ones that did. 
Because of this transformation, I have been walking my path of happiness every. single. day. 
I feel good in my own skin. I've started my dream business and I know exactly what makes my heart soar to greater heights of happiness

Now it's my mission to help you
to regain your 
& H A P P I N E S S 
start by downloading my 
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Here's to living your happiest life!


The Beachonista 

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