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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Set Yourself Free #independenceday

The day you realize

YOU are your
biggest obstacle is the
day you’re set f r e e. πŸŒŸ

It took me 26 years of life
to understand why when I got
everything I wanted in life:
the husband, the new house,
the dog, the car, the degree,
you name it- I was unhappy.
Actually, i was beyond unhappy.
I was deeply depressed,
debilitated by anxiety, and
couldn’t get out of bed
to face another
day in confusion
about why my *dream life*
didn’t feel like h o m e.😣
I had given my
power away to people,
places and things to
decide my happiness
or unhappiness, for
that matter.
I was attached to outcomes
and believed having
someone love me 
supplemented for the
lack of love I felt inside. 

If there’s one thing to take

away from my post
it is this: 

Your dream life will never
fulfill your true heart’s 
d e s i r e s if it is
based on a version
of yourself that is filled
with emptiness
and lacking of
self love. 
Your blossoming,
beautiful, fulfilling 
life that fulfills your heart’s
desires can only be dreamed
up from a full heart. ❤️

If your dreams are have fallen apart,

it’s time

to roll up your sleeves,
pop the hood and look
beneath your surface
for the pieces that 
need your tender love
and attention.
my *Free Guide* 
(to the top right!) 
& start building
your dream life from a
place of self love. 

I’ll be taking everyone who resonates with this message
on a deeper, personal journey
in my online group coaching
course come August.
Leave your email address 
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if you’d like to be the first to
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