Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Scripting: Create Your Dream Life

Recently, I came across an amazing YouTuber by the name of Ashley Ducey. She is the wife of Jake Ducey, who is an even bigger inspirational YouTuber on the Law of Attraction.  I gain so much insight from these two on how to bring more of my desires into reality- relatively quick.

If Law of Attraction is a new concept to you or if you have some background knowledge, no need to worry, this concept is very easy to grasp. In order to attract what we want into our lives we have to embody the energy that's a match for the desire you want in your life. 

Wanting a brand new car, home or amount of money vibrates at a certain level that can come in when you are a vibrational match to it. Everything is "energy" - even our dream home and our dream car vibrates at a certain energetic level. In order to call in what we desire, we must believe we can have it. If we are in total belief it's possible then our energy matches up to the thing we most desire and it manifests.

One of my recently developed tools in my Law of Attraction kit is "Scripting."  Have you heard of it before?" From what I learned about Scripting is that you can call upon your desired outcome by writing it as if it's already true. It can be written out in the form of:

"I'm so grateful I am earning $10,000/month doing what I love.
I'm so grateful I am living my life's purpose and doing the work I love.
I'm so grateful I am inspiring millions of people worldwide with the work I love to do."

It's similar to writing a Gratitude List. The reason why this works is because The Universe loves giving more to those who are already happy with that they have. Do you remember the last time you were looking around the room feeling a deep sense of happiness inside because your family all got together, the weather was so sunny and gorgeous, everyone was having a wonderful time, and all you could do was smile thinking how grateful you were? That's a high vibration state. The Universe sprinkles more goodies onto those who are in this state of being! 

Does this sound like an exercise you will try? Good.

Here's what you'll need:

1. a notebook 
2.  a pen 

(it's 100x more effective writing it than typing it on a phone keypad).  

Get ready to vibrate high and be an energetic match of your desires  in order to manifest your dream life!


The Beachonista

P.S. For more Scripting details please click on Jake + Ashley Ducey's Youtube Channel above!

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