Friday, July 26, 2019


H a p p i n e s s is 
being g r a t e f u l for the 
people | things | situations
that t r i g g e r the f * c k

out of you. 

They point where
you need to go within
to figure out why
so you can take your power

Every time you blame them
you lose your self love.

For a long, long time
I was stuck, faking
happiness, terrified of
making my own decisions

I feared disappointing my
I walked around with a half
broken neon light flickering
hopelessly inside my empty
heart— running far
away from myself every time
I got triggered.

I shoved her sweet sensitive
heart way down because I was told
I felt too much.
I spent lifetimes rejecting
my vulnerabilities and the things
that made me who I am.

Little did I know I was doing a
COMPLETE disservice to myself—
So much of a disservice
that I picked the
wrong life.
How CRAZY is that?!
The wrong one.
It wasn’t hard to tell,
I was depressed and
hard core anxious,
and it got worse by the day!
I was in a city far from
home, married a man who
wasn’t right for me.

I wanted h a p p i n e s s & fulfillment
in which I thought I’d find

Little did I know that I was totally
c o m p l e t e as is but it took
some help.

How did i discover this freedom? • It wasn’t due to lifetimes of therapy.
(which I did, but didn’t teach me self love + freedom) •It wasn’t because I read a self help book.
It took a mentor and 4 weeks
of identifying the situations and
the messages was influencing
my fears to stop the running,
to stop hiding, to stop the blaming

If you are not free from your
triggers, then you are
being held back from
creating the life you’ve
always wanted to live.

If you could see all the
goodness that is waiting
for you once you
unearth those stuck
feelings of r e s e n t m e n t,
d i s a p p o i n t m e n t,
p r e s s u r e,
a n x i e t y,
s h a m e,
c o m p a r i s o n,
j u d g e m e n t,
b l a m e,
b o r e d o m,

That’s where your journey of
s e l f discovery &
f r e e d o m
b e g i n s

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