Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Failure is the path.

Me after I’ve failed at 
a really big goal in my life 
but r e a l i z e d it was leading 
to my truest, passion & joy

—- So, really...
there is no “failure,” guys....
only “course correction”
heaps of valuable “takeaways”
designed to help you find your way.

1. Taking risks are scary, yes, but
it’s better to RISK IT, build that
FAITH muscle, MOVE forward
in the direction of your DREAMS
& teaching yourself NOT to PLAY
SMALL, not to hold back because it
might not work out....
Because guess what,

2. If you put your trust in something 
larger than you, you’ll always know
guidance and “re-direction” will
swoop in to help you. If you let it. 
What you will find on the other 
side of “failure” is GOLD. 

The Beachonista 

P.S. if you’re getting in your own way 
of your dreams, to 
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