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Friday, June 28, 2019

I've had the desire to shift gears in my business...

You know the feeling

of knowing what

your heart wants
but it looks different
from what your
f a m i l y
wants for you
(or what your
friends are
interested in)?

*Raises hand!

So you reject your desires,
push them deep down
to stay
but still feel
u n h a p p y?

The past couple of months
I've had this deep desire
to shift gears in my
& start an online
coaching program
to share how
I liberated my
t r u e spirit
(from fitting in)
+ started a c c e p t i n g
myself exactly as I am
and found the
path to my
*d r e am life*

Many of you have
asked + wondered
what it took to feel
aligned, energized, full
of purpose, and, actually,
despite the loss of my parents,
health challenges,
often times-
panic disorder
all going on
in my life.

My #FreeYourSpirit
5 Week Online Coaching
Program is
launching soon
and I couldn't be more
thrilled to share this
program that promises to
transform and FREE YOUR SPIRIT.
It promises to get you
connected + aligned
with your purpose
+ heart desires
most importantly,
healing the wounds
that are holding you
in unhappiness
+ unfulfillment.

If you have been
desiring your dream life
of living your purpose,
finding healing around
the past,
and are ready
to claim total alignment
with your purpose
to experience happiness...

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5 week online course
in August...

The Beachonista

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