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Monday, February 13, 2017

What Happens When We Move Off-Center While SUPing?

What happens when we move off-center while SUPing? 


At the beginning of a SUP lesson, I always remind people to stay centered on their board. While it seems pretty easy to remember, it actually is not. The reason for this is because you're learning so much information at one time. You're getting comfortable with new equipment in a new environment. That is not an easy task!

Since this piece is invaluable for your success as a SUP'er, I wanted to make a video further illustrating this imperative point so hopefully my silly dance moves will pop into your mind to help you remember to check your balance while you're SUPing! Check out my two-step dance demonstrating how a SUP board will react to you moving toward the nose (front) and the tail (back) of the board. 

Let this be a reminder to look where your feet are while SUPing, so you can stay centered and balanced at all times. :)

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