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Friday, February 3, 2017

What Happens When We Get Out of Our Comfort Zone

What happens when we get out of 
our comfort zone?

Hello, fear. I see you

For me, it comes in the form of tricky little messages like: 
"who are you to be big? who are you to shine? what do you know? stay small, people like you better that way."

How does it show up for you?

It's important to really think about this because...any time you step out of your comfort zone, you'll face these little subtle yet, oh-so-impactful messages that want to keep you small. 

Don't indulge these fears. 

Instead, smile at them. 

Then..try this on for size:

Trust in your gut. You want to try something new that you've never done before? Do it. Even if you're nervous. Even if you don't get it on the first try, the second try, or the 40th time. Just do it.

Balance by finding your center. 
Through the nerves, through the fear, your center is the place to go back to when you feel afraid. Balance through your center to remain steady with your goal.

Once you've found your center...your home...your safe place, it's time to E X P A N D. Try more, try better, try new.

Let Go. 
When you've done your best, let it all go. 

What happens when we get out of our comfort zone is: we grow. Life becomes richer. You become wiser. Those are valuable treasures that no one can take from you. 

Ready to try paddle boarding? Book a private lesson with me or sign up for my beginner class starting next weekend! Looking forward to enriching your life and watching you get out of your comfort zone. ;)

Love + Sun,


Your Beachonista 

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