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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Guest Post | Meal Prep 101

Hey SUP'ers! 
I have a special surprise for you this week...
My fabulous friend Jamie from "Whole 90 & Beyond" is guest blogging about meal prepping! 
I love the idea of meal prepping and eating healthy, but it usually doesn't stick- know what I mean? 

Jamie recently underwent The Whole 30 challenge. Which is when you vow to eat only whole healthy (non-processed) food for 30 days straight. She shared with me one day after lunch one weekend what she's doing to eat healthy. Let me tell ya, she had me convinced eating healthy is a BREEZE. She is kicking bootay and has a brilliant and easy system she uses to help her stay on track. Today she is sharing it with all of us! (woohoo) She inspires me with her laser focus and innovative approach to healthy living, that I knew she would inspire you too.  Check her system out in today's Guest Post | Meal Prep 101! 

Take it away, Jamie! 

It has happened to all of us - we get out of a long day of work and the last thing we want to do it make dinner. So we stop at our local drive through or pizza place and pick up dinner. Or, how about, you wake up in the morning to get ready for work and you don’t have anything to make for lunch. So, you join your co-workers at the local food truck at lunch and grab a burger and fries. These may be the most convenient but they aren’t the healthiest and most cost effective ways to eat! I used to eat out for dinner each week at least 3- 4 times! It’s the easiest thing to do! 

On January 1, my husband and I started a new nutritional program called - Whole30 (which is what my blog is about).  This program calls for eating only whole foods - nothing containing added sugar, grains or alcohol. In order to make that work, I was forced to be very organized with my meal prepping. 

What if I told you with a little bit of planning and couple hours once a week, you could have a full week’s worth of lunch dinners and even breakfast! Well, I am here to tell you it’s totally doable and I do it each week :) I know it can seem overwhelming so I am gonna lay out the basics for you.

First step is to get yourself some good Tupperware.  I like glass Tupperware because it does not stain and wear like plastic does. Glass is also oven safe so you can bake small meals in the oven, snap the lid on, put them in the fridge and then you have your meals! I have 14 or so glass Tupperware that I got from The Container Store. I have 
  • 6- 28 oz. Glasslock Rectangle 3.5 c. ($10 each)
  • 6 - 12.8 oz. Glasslock Round 1.6 c. ($7 each) 
  • 3- 1.6 qt. Glasslock Rectangle 6.3 c. ($14)
The next step is to get a paper and pen and decide what you want to eat this week. You can start off small-
  • Rotisserie chicken and veggies (baked or steamed)
  • Chicken breast and veggies
  • Turkey Patty and veggies
If you fall short of ideas, look online. pick a meat you like and search for - “Easy chicken recipes” or “Easy Pork recipes”. I found tons of recipes that way. 

Once you decide what you want to eat for the week, write down all the ingredients you need and hit the grocery store! I usually do my grocery store trip on Saturday and cook for the week on Sunday. Once you have all your ingredients at home, cook your food up. You can either put it in a large tupperware and just scoop out into Tupperware’s each day or, what I do, I portion out meals into smaller Tupperware containers for meals each night.

I started using this great app (available for Apple and Android) called Cozi. It has a neat feature where you can save your favorite recipes. Once you save the meals, then you can use the built in meal planner to attach these recipes to certain days.  Once you do that, you can click one button and add all the ingredients from the recipes to the in app shopping list. I have built up a collection of 30 or so recipes and plan my meals with it each week. 

A crock pot can be your best friend for meal prep. At least one set of meals per week is made in the crockpot.  It is so easy to just set it and forget it! :) Also, Costco or some sort of bulk buying is great! I buy meat in bulk and freeze what I won’t be using right away. Then, when I am ready to make it, I will pull it out of freezer, put in the refrigerator for a day or 2 to thaw and then cook. Perfect! It also helps because sometimes my weekend meal prep does not make enough dinner for 6 days. In this case, I always have frozen veggies and chicken in the freezer. I just make baked chicken and steamed veggies as a quick meal.

For an example, my husband and I’s meals are-
  • Breakfast - me- 3 hard boiled eggs and no sugar added apple sauce
  • Breakfast - my husband - 4 scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of sugar free bacon
  • Lunch - Sun - Weds - Beef Chilli
  • Lunch - Thur - Sat - Chicken and veggie soup
  • Dinner - Sun- Tues - Shepherd’s pie
  • Dinner - Weds - Sat - Crock pot chicken fajitas

If you would like to follow my journey or to get some great recipes, please check out my blog -

Yours in health!

Thank you, Jamie for sharing your wonderful insight with us today! SUP'ers: Take a moment to visit her blog at Don't miss her tips to keep her on track towards healthy eating. I hope you enjoyed today's Guest Post | Meal Prep 101. 

Until next week,

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista 

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