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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 Paddle Stretches to Do Before SUPing

If I made New Year's Resolutions, this would be one: stretch prior to SUPing.  More times than I care to admit, I've strained, pulled and injured muscles I didn't even know existed. The worst part about it is the humiliation that arises the minute it becomes obvious to myself and everyone else why I frequently suffer from these sorts of incidences: I don't stretch.  (Oh, and having guy roommates makes the embarrassment worse. They work out all the time and never get injured!)  The pain and agony of dealing with tweaked muscles is a waste of your time - especially if you can prevent it from happening.  

Instead, implement my favorite 3 paddle stretches to use prior to SUPing.  These stretches will excel your SUPing performance because they will prep your main muscles groups for a fun SUP sesh! These stretches are very basic and can be done at the dock, beach or parking lot. All you need is your paddle.  Ready? Check out my videos for each move below with a quick description of how to complete each stretch. 

Paddle Stretch #1

Targets: Arms + Upper Back + Lats 

How to: 

1. Hold paddle over head with hands a little wider than shoulders.

2. Bend laterally to left side, the right side. 
3. As you bend, hold stretch for a few seconds
4. Release. Go back to starting position. 

You should feel this stretch from back of arms all the way to hips.  

Paddle Stretch #2
Targets: Rotator Cuff + Upper Arms

How to: 

1. Hold paddle behind you - parallel to your spine with right hand reaching back over the top of the right shoulder and the left hand reaching across lower back - grabbing the paddle. 
2. Pull up with right hand (you should feel a good stretch throughout the left shoulder).
3. Hold a few seconds + release. 
4. Pull down with left hand (while feeling a nice stretch going through your triceps and pectorals).
5. Switch hands and repeats sides.  

Paddle Stretch #3
Targets: Lower Torso + Legs

How to: 

1. Place paddle behind neck.
2. Place inside of wrists little more than shoulder width apart over shaft so paddle is resting on shoulders.
3. Place feet shoulder-width apart.  
4. Slowly turn to the side until you feel a nice stretch going through the lower torso area. 
5. Hold few seconds. Release to starting position. 
6. Turn to other side + repeat process. 

You should feel a good stretch in the upper back. Stretching the torso muscle is imperative since this area experiences a lot of pulling and twisting during paddling. 

Alright, SUP'er. Here are your 3 paddle stretches to use prior to SUPing. Try them out before your next SUP outing. Your muscles will thank you as will your ego. ;) Are you looking for personalized stand up paddle boarding lessons? I have spots available! Make your online reservation at the top right hand corner where it says "BOOK NOW." 

Have a beautiful week, SUP'er.

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista 

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