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Monday, October 24, 2016

SUP Drill

HEY SUP'ERS. Some people might find it strange to practice Stand Up Paddleboard techniques in the pool when the ocean is nearby - or just in general.  But to others, it's the only way to practice Stand Up Paddleboarding until they visit the beach again.

Some of the most recent feedback I received about paddling in the pool was how silly I looked practicing "pivot turns" in secure water.  I couldn't help but feel misjudged and slightly attacked.  Then it dawned on me how much of a benefit it would be if I shared with you about the practices I partake in behind the scenes of paddle boarding.  

It's true. Pools lack several challenging aspects that the ocean provide. However, it doesn't mean you can't create practices that included similar challenges to perfect balance and paddle technique. Just this past week, I created a fun SUP drill dedicated to all my SUP'ers who have taken lessons with me and are worried that they would lose connection with what they've learned with me.  

First you need to find a pool that you can bring your SUP to....ask a friend, ask the community pool if possible.

Once you've found your water location, all you'll need are two pumpkins. Literally. Grab a medium and small pumpkin.

Place one at the nose of your board. and one in front of the deck pad (near the nose of the board). 

Start off on one end of the pool in normal paddle position. 

Once you reach the middle of the pool, shift into pivot stance.  While switching your feet into a pivot stance, the goal is to keep the pumpkins in place while you shift your stance and turn your board. 

To add more of a challenge, turn as many times as you can handle.

Then, come back to normal paddle stance and paddle to the opposite end of the pool. 

Try it out 5 times!

Try not to let the pumpkins fall and remain on the board. 

Did you or your pumpkins fall in? Get back up and start over again. Do it until you get it right. 

This SUP drill will increase your stability on the board and maximize your paddle stroke technique for when you find yourself on the ocean once again. 

Will you try this SUP drill? Let me know what you think or if you have any questions on how to successfully execute this exercise! 

Love + Sun

Your Beachonista 

P.S. To My Haters: Thank you for helping me see where I needed to be more clear by creating this post. In the future, I'd recommend learning how to develop a question when you're curious or confused about something. :) 

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