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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chase YOU

These words ignite my belief that to be fulfilled you must  Be YOUR OWN SOULMATE. In every way.  

My eyes have scanned similar words like this before but it wasn't until this year I found its true meaning.  

Over and over, I've tried convincing people and businesses to buy into me and my dream. But all I found was myself buying into their erroneous ideas of me. 

Thank God life had my back...and quite literally smacked me awake in the zippiest of ways. 

Late last year, I found myself fresh out of a desperation-fueled, joke-of-a "relationship"... 


...on the rebound from a soul-sucking job filled with frenemies, 

...rejected by a local business that didn't believe in my SUP vision for women, 

...and misunderstood by well-intentioned family members who had their ideas of what size box I should fit in.

No one to encourage me but myself.

That's when you sink or swim.

Liberation is yours the moment you become your own best friend and get real honest with yourself about the shit you're doing that is no longer working.  (Hello, people-pleasing!) Let me tell ya....honesty helps you choose a better world/relationship/career because YOU ARE CHOOSING from an AUTHENTIC PLACE within YOURSELF.  

I'm still out there bringing my dream to life.  I'm getting closer and closer with each passing day. While I'm mastering this part of my life, I keep a list of meaningful points in clear view to remind myself to keep creating 

I hope it serves you as well: 

{Design your own world. Give yourself permission to do so. Even if it goes against your family's, your peers, or your culture's beliefs for your life.  Fiercely believe in the beauty of your dreams. Decorate your life with the utmost care.  Surround yourself with uplifting people, inspiring thoughts and lots of delicious action. I guarantee it will make your world a beautiful place.} 

Because you won't find this kind of juice in another person. 

Taking the plunge to develop this company has been nothing short of a beautiful personal evolution; with a hope to inspire you to stay intimately connected to your purpose and happiness. 

With that said...

I'm giving you permission to create the world you've been dreaming about. You're the only one who's going to make it happen. 

What are you dreams? Big or small. Tell me in the comment section below. I'd love to cheer you on. :)

Here's to us. 

Love + Sun,


Your Beachonista 

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