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Monday, September 26, 2016

The FINEST Waterproof SUP Accessory


When I'm out on the water teaching a SUP lesson or going for a solo excursion, more often than not, I find myself wanting to bring my phone with me.  "Why" you might ask? Aside from my unhealthy dependency to this device (that coordinates my entire Universe), I typically enjoy listening to music, snapping pictures of my surroundings and overall feeling safely linked to assistance, in case, you know.... I happen to become unceremoniously stranded in the middle of the ocean. 

No Bueno. 

When SUP'ing was new to me, I threw caution to the wind and brought my phone on board without a waterproof case. All was fine and dandy until that same wind struck little ole' me into the water...with my phone. (Did I mention my phone was not insured?) Oy. 

After learning the hard way, the hunt for a waterproof case became mandatory. Upon searching for the finest waterproof SUP accessory case, I discovered a.) There are MANY waterproof phone cases on the market. b.) Not all can be submerged into water successfully. Some were even hard to operate through the case.   

The hunt quickly ceased when I discovered Seattle Sports. Taking a chance on this particular case was the best thing I ever did for several reasons: 

1. it's very simple to use. 

Directions: All it take is opening the case up. Sliding your phone in.  Sealing the top (ziplock style).  Gliding the plastic bar (for an extra sealant) - and Voila! You're set to go! 

2. You can wear it a couple different ways so it's comfortable.

BONUS: Not only can you wear this SUP accessory around your belt loop and neck, you can store a few more essential items, like:

* a granola bar 
(inside pouch) 

*car keys 
(open up the "necklace" and slide it down the string)

*driver's license 
(you know, if you're getting a beer afterwards)

 *a debit card and/or cash

 This prevents you from having to bring a backpack on board with you! Cool, right? 

Good News! I will be carrying these waterproof pouches in my online shop, in addition, will have these available to rent with your SUP rental or SUP lesson.  

If you'd like to purchase a SUP waterproof case for $16.00 plus tax and shipping, please leave your email address in the comment section below with "sold."  I will email an invoice and ship it out to you!

My extensive search for the finest waterproof SUP accessory for my phone will serve you well.  Take my experience and apply it to your SUP knowledge base: bring a waterproof case! ;)

Wishing you a wonderful week, Beachonista!!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista

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