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Monday, May 30, 2016

What to Wear Stand Up Paddleboarding

Hey Beachonista!! When I talk to first time SUP'ers, one of the things they are curious about is what they should wear stand up paddleboarding.  I'm glad they ask because I know how important it is to feel comfortable when trying something new. I still cringe over an encouter I had 23 years ago when I showed up to my first soccer practice without shin guards. No one clued in this 9 year old-softball-playing-girl that they are kind of important to the sport. 


In an effort to help you feel comfortable, stylish and within SUP-style parameters, I assessed my closet (as well as my male roommate's closet!) and designed a nifty list of what to wear stand up paddle boarding. Check out these 7 clothing essentials that are perfect for men and women!

1. Swimsuits. When weather permits, bikinis and one-pieces are perfect for Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Pick one with secure straps (rather than string bikini top) so that you'll feel more comfortable maneuvering around the board. That way you won't worry  about anything coming undone. 

2. Sports Bras. are perfect because you automatically have support and (bonus!) it's semi water-resistant fabric.  Being able to move freely while SUPing is priceless. 

3. Shorts. A variety of styles are perfectly acceptable to SUP in.  However, one thing to keep in mind, is the fabric.  Anything that can withstand water is ideal.  The last thing I want you to do is wear an expensive denim and get wet.  I love wearing black spandex shorts, or a lightweight short. Board shorts work well for men.  

4. Tanks. Exercise tanks, oversize cotton tanks or rash guards are awesome. In fact, 70% of my closet is made up of these! They're comfortable and easy to maneuver in. 

5. Zip Up Hoodie. These jackets are best when they're lightweight.  Picking one that is thin and has a performance fabric will help keep your warm without the bulk and heaviness. 

6. Trucker Hat. A trucker hat is fantastic because it will keep the sun off your face and your hair contained while learning to SUP.  Also, they float in the water.  Should it fall into the water, you won't have to worry about it sinking. They float!  

7. Leggings. There are all types of leggings on the market.  My favorite type of leggings to wear are surf leggings, or a pair of yoga pants. They're great at keeping you warm and won't be completely water-logged should you get any water on you. 

Now you know exactly what to wear stand up paddle boarding, you won't ever find yourself in an embarrassing situation like mine! ;) In addition, you'll be able to navigate the SUP experience comfortably and with style.  Feel free to throw in your favorite colors to each piece and make it reflect your style as well. Have any questions?? Leave a comment below or email me at amanda(at)Thebeachonista(dot)com!  Wishing you a lovely day!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista


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