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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DIY Restyle: Jump Suit into Romper for Spring

P.S. This is the only "Before" picture I managed to take! 

Hey Beachonista!  I bought a cute jump suit from Heavenly Couture a few weeks ago.  I was drawn to it's tropical appeal, the softness of the fabric, oh ,and how it looked when I tried it on!  But the one most important thing I forgot to take into consideration was shrinkage.  Sure enough, when I threw it in the wash and dryer the pant legs shrunk.  I couldn't part ways with it, so the next best thing? Cutting them!  I decided to cut the pant legs off with scissors and turn it into a romper! Check out my last post on how to cut your pants into shorts for a detailed tutorial.  In my opinion, it looks a lot better. Now, it feels cooler in this heatwave we're having by the beach.   

Tucker insisted on saying "hello" during picture time. ;)
Heels : Payless $20 | Jumpsuit/Romper: Heavenly Couture: $17 | Necklace: Harper and Harlow: $20 | Earrings: Simply Audrey: $14 | Bracelet: Heavenly Couture: $14

What was even better is that the extra fabric worked perfectly to cover the throw pillows I've been wanting to cover for, like....ever.  Not only was it enough fabric, the print went well with the overall beach-y theme my roommates and I have going on in our house.  I was even more excited about the fact that the fabric was already sewn on two sides.  All that was left was to stitch up the two sides.  

Voila! Now, I have pretty pillows too. :) #bonus  

Next time you run into a shrunken jump suit, don't throw them away -- cut the legs off and turn it into a romper.  I hope you enjoyed today's DIY Restyle: Jump Suit into Romper for Spring!  

Until next

Love + Sun,

Amanda :)

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