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Monday, March 7, 2016

Two Weeks Notice

Hey Beachonista!! I've been putting off this blog post for the past month.  ((But, umm. If we're going for total honesty here: 2...and a half months is more accurate.))  Should "Procrastinator" be my middle name?  Um. YES. FOR SURE. 

Why Procrastinate? Without realizing, I thought withholding my journey from you felt safer than putting it into words.  Boldly claiming my desire to give my two weeks notice and leap onto a path that doesn't offer much guarantee is frightening because I  

Oh, then watching that fear triple in size when confronted by many (well-meaning) folks, like my former boss and security-driven Grandfather with looks of bewilderment.  As if I said I was joining the circus. 

My favorite question: "You're abandoning your security??" 


Risk-taking is the juice. Am I rebellious? Not really.  In fact, I'm the last person who throws caution to the wind. However, the pursuit of a meaningful dream (with a handy plan) is where the magic lives. Am I guaranteed a happy ending? No. But none of us are...especially when we fall in love.  It's a chance you have to decide is worth taking or not, even if it's against all odds. Besides, if we aren't doing something for the love and joy of it, what's the point of life? Just paying your bills and then dying?  No thanks. 

Hello New Chapter. 

Welcome to my new adventure. The kind of adventure that was worth giving my two weeks notice for in order to get off the comfortable "9-5pm merry-go-round."  How this will look to you is that now I will be sharing another fulfilling facet of life with you: Yoga. Don't be surprised when you see it's mostly on a Stand Up Paddleboard.  Expect to see more posts about yoga poses that I'm happily going to break down for you to try, if you're so inclined!  In addition, I will share my personal favorite fitness styles as well! 

In closing, I just want to say how letting the cat out of the bag has filled my heart with joy.  I am excited to open up this new area for us to try together.  As always, I love hearing from you.  If you're also on a journey like mine where you need some extra support, please don't hesitate to reach out below! Or, if you have any input on what else you'd like me to emphasize about yoga, please also share!

Until next time, wishing you a fabulous week, Beachonista!! 


Your Beachonista
Amanda :)

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