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Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Addition to My Family!

Hey, Hey, Beachonista!! 

Exciting news! A wonderful new addition to my family (or should I say: my dream?!) just happened Saturday. I bought my very own Boardworks Stand Up Paddle Board!  This means a lot to me because: 

1. I'm one step closer to teaching Stand Up Paddleboard lessons & 

2. My yoga moves can finally improve! 

LOL ;)  

(It's the little things, right??) 

Where It ALL Went Down. With the help of a charming surf and Stand Up Paddleboard shop called Nikau Kai (located in heart of downtown Manhattan Beach; staffed with warm and highly knowledgable sales associates) equipped me with all the information I needed to make the right purchase.  

I walked into this process feeling overwhelmed with options.  I've owned one board my entire life. I hardly felt like I could make decisions in this field on my own.  I needed an expert.  Enter: Rob from Nikau Kai.  He helped me wade through the endless options so I could feel extremely confident putting students out in the water with the utmost care. 

Why Boardworks Works. 
The first time you learn how to paddle board, the most important aspect to success is: balance.  Balance is what will allow you to stand up and paddle through the water, even when it gets hectic.  Having a wider board will ensure steadiness.  

I can't get on "board" unless the surface of my SUP feels comforting.  That's why this board won me over.  It has a great soft top feature that provides cushion for your feet and knees.

Keep in mind, when I say "soft" I don't mean slippery.  There will be ample traction on the surface to keep you safely balanced.   

Lastly. Did you notice the size of this freaking board? I mean. How could you not?  It's basically the size of two of me put together (as you can see in the photo pictured to the right)! But, yes. There is a good reason I chose a larger-than-life SUP.  It helps increase stability. Kind of like a big ship anchored in the middle of the ocean.  The stability factor is greatly improved with this size board. 

SUP'ing is a Family Thang. All in all, Lady, Tucker and I are VERY excited to introduce this new addition to my family! Keep an eye out here or on my Instagram page with these two fur balls getting out in the water with me!  

Wanna SUP?? If you're interested in booking lessons with me, I'm officially opening my schedule mid April 2016!  Email me if you'd like to book a private or group (up to 3 people) lesson this spring or summer! amanda (at) thebeachonista (dot) com.  

Other than that, we wish you a wonderful week! 

Until next time.... xx

Your Beachonista 

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