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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Giveaway: Win a PRIVATE SUP Lesson!

         Hey SUP'ERS!

In honor of the holiday season and the spirit of Christmas, I am hosting my VERY FIRST Christmas Giveaway where you can win a private SUP lesson with me! 

This is a FREE 1.5 hour session where you'll learn the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Redondo Beach harbor. 

You'll GET....

A full introduction of paddle board technical terms of equipment and accessories that you'll use out in the water during your SUP lesson. 

Harbor and safety rules to ensure an enjoyable paddle experience.

Paddle techniques to help you paddle and turn like a pro!

Coping strategies and techniques for when you encounter strong weather conditions.

A encouraging environment that promotes fun in the process of learning a new watersport. 

You will also be able to pick a day and time of your choosing!! 

With all that said, are you ready to win?!

Here's How to Enter....

Private SUP Lesson Giveaway ENTRY Guidelines

In order to be entered in this giveaway, you must complete these FOUR STEPS
 with a separate comment for each item in the comment box below.

ENTRY Requirements....
1.) Enter your NAME + EMAIL ADDRESS
So we know how to get a hold of you!

2.) "LIKE" --"The Beachonista" on Facebook....

4.) "FOLLOW" ---"The Beachonista" on Instagram... 

BONUS Entry: 
You can be entered in the drawing TWICE if you SIGN UP for "The Beachonista" Newsletter

1.) Simply go to the top right hand side of my blog and enter your email address. 

3.) Come back and leave a comment stating that you signed up for my newsletter by adding a comment in the comment section!

For every entry completed, you MUST leave a 
separate comment below 

For example....

Comment #1: "Jenny Jones  -- 

Comment #2: "I am now a fan of The Beachonista on Facebook!"  

Comment #3: "I am now following of The Beachonista on Instagram!"  

Comment #4: "I signed up for your newsletter" 

Giveaway ENDS Sunday, December 25th, 2016 at 11:59pm PST. 
Winner will be emailed on Monday, December 26th, 2016!! 

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday SUP Special

Happy Cyber Monday, SUP'er!

I'm so SUPER excited to participate in this fun shopping tradition we call Cyber Monday!  I made sure to design this SUP special for those of you who are like me and love to...SUP, loves a GREAT deal, loves utilizing Cyber Monday to kick start Christmas gift shopping. But has a tendency to shop for yourself while you're shopping for others. 


Do you do that too? 

Then this Cyber Monday SUP Special is for you....

Buy 1 SUP Rental Gift Card + Receive 1 SUP Rental FREE

----- PLUS ----

Receive TWO Waterproof Phone Case Rentals FREE

*****Simply pick*****

  A.) Hourly* SUP Rental Gift Card= $35 
Plus a free waterproof phone case rental (total value of $90) 
Your Cyber Monday Cost Today: $35!

B.) Full Day* SUP Rental Gift Card = $65 
Plus a free waterproof phone case rental (total value of $150) 
Your Cyber Monday Cost Today: $65!

Purchase Gift Card

Now? Scratch their name off your shopping list! You're almost done! YAYYY. 

So let's recap this Cyber Monday SUP Special:

You + your loved one get to plan a fun day for you both when you purchase them a gift card today! Then you can feel totally happy gifting them a fun day in the water while you get a free  SUP + Waterproof Phone Case Rental! 

Instantaneous Good Karma!

Just look out for a redemption code via email so you two can book your SUP Rental and waterproof phone case rental at your leisure! 

Purchase Gift Card

QUESTIONS? Call 310.292.8419 or email!

Boring Disclaimer: This offer cannot be combined with other offers. 
Offer is valid to purchase until Monday, November 28, 2016 11:59pm PST. |  Photo Courtesy of | 3rd photo courtesy of  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to Get Back On Your Board

Hey SUP'ers! Falling down is a part of the process. I know. It can be terrifying. The water is startling. It can be cold. You feel like you've permanently lost your belongings. During this panic, you feel rapidly unsure how to get back on your board. 

Check out my step-by-step guide (that I teach in my private Stand Up Paddleboard lessons) that will help you strengthen your resilience and feel equipped and less afraid if you fall into the water. 

Thank you for watching my video on how to get back on your board! Let me know if you've found yourself in this situation? How did you handle it? If you have any tips that helped you, we would love to hear your story! Wishing you a wonderful day, SUP'er!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista

Monday, October 31, 2016

Befriending Your Board

Hey S U P ' E R! 

Most people who have a desire to stand up paddleboard for the first time often think it is insanely difficult. In their mind they believe the moment they step foot on the board they will - without a doubt - fall off. Or, on the contrary, some believe it's a breeze. Just hop on the board and you'll balance vertically- no problem! 

The latter could be true only if you've perfected your Stand Up Paddleboard "game" over a period of time. The former can be a reality if you attempt to stand up on a paddle board without taking proper precautions that you would learn from a certified Stand Up Paddleboard instructor. Whichever SUP belief you lean toward today, "balance success" demands you implement this particular technique. 

Check out my video below for a complete demonstration of a technique I use to feel steady on my board. It's a technique I call "befriending your board." (I'm a cheeseball, I know! ;) 

This technique is designed to help you understand how you can strengthen your balance and maximize comfortability on your board.  I love how connected and strong I feel after spending time rocking my board from side to side with my hands and feet. It's teaching my body to adapt to the rhythm of the water so they can remain steady as one unit.  Befriending your board is well worth the time and effort to construct a solid SUP foundation! 

Now seeing this demonstration, do you feel inspired to give it a try? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. If you're ready for a SUP lesson, click the yellow "BOOK NOW" button on the right side of my website. 

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista 

Monday, October 24, 2016

SUP Drill

HEY SUP'ERS. Some people might find it strange to practice Stand Up Paddleboard techniques in the pool when the ocean is nearby - or just in general.  But to others, it's the only way to practice Stand Up Paddleboarding until they visit the beach again.

Some of the most recent feedback I received about paddling in the pool was how silly I looked practicing "pivot turns" in secure water.  I couldn't help but feel misjudged and slightly attacked.  Then it dawned on me how much of a benefit it would be if I shared with you about the practices I partake in behind the scenes of paddle boarding.  

It's true. Pools lack several challenging aspects that the ocean provide. However, it doesn't mean you can't create practices that included similar challenges to perfect balance and paddle technique. Just this past week, I created a fun SUP drill dedicated to all my SUP'ers who have taken lessons with me and are worried that they would lose connection with what they've learned with me.  

First you need to find a pool that you can bring your SUP to....ask a friend, ask the community pool if possible.

Once you've found your water location, all you'll need are two pumpkins. Literally. Grab a medium and small pumpkin.

Place one at the nose of your board. and one in front of the deck pad (near the nose of the board). 

Start off on one end of the pool in normal paddle position. 

Once you reach the middle of the pool, shift into pivot stance.  While switching your feet into a pivot stance, the goal is to keep the pumpkins in place while you shift your stance and turn your board. 

To add more of a challenge, turn as many times as you can handle.

Then, come back to normal paddle stance and paddle to the opposite end of the pool. 

Try it out 5 times!

Try not to let the pumpkins fall and remain on the board. 

Did you or your pumpkins fall in? Get back up and start over again. Do it until you get it right. 

This SUP drill will increase your stability on the board and maximize your paddle stroke technique for when you find yourself on the ocean once again. 

Will you try this SUP drill? Let me know what you think or if you have any questions on how to successfully execute this exercise! 

Love + Sun

Your Beachonista 

P.S. To My Haters: Thank you for helping me see where I needed to be more clear by creating this post. In the future, I'd recommend learning how to develop a question when you're curious or confused about something. :) 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chase YOU

These words ignite my belief that to be fulfilled you must  Be YOUR OWN SOULMATE. In every way.  

My eyes have scanned similar words like this before but it wasn't until this year I found its true meaning.  

Over and over, I've tried convincing people and businesses to buy into me and my dream. But all I found was myself buying into their erroneous ideas of me. 

Thank God life had my back...and quite literally smacked me awake in the zippiest of ways. 

Late last year, I found myself fresh out of a desperation-fueled, joke-of-a "relationship"... 


...on the rebound from a soul-sucking job filled with frenemies, 

...rejected by a local business that didn't believe in my SUP vision for women, 

...and misunderstood by well-intentioned family members who had their ideas of what size box I should fit in.

No one to encourage me but myself.

That's when you sink or swim.

Liberation is yours the moment you become your own best friend and get real honest with yourself about the shit you're doing that is no longer working.  (Hello, people-pleasing!) Let me tell ya....honesty helps you choose a better world/relationship/career because YOU ARE CHOOSING from an AUTHENTIC PLACE within YOURSELF.  

I'm still out there bringing my dream to life.  I'm getting closer and closer with each passing day. While I'm mastering this part of my life, I keep a list of meaningful points in clear view to remind myself to keep creating 

I hope it serves you as well: 

{Design your own world. Give yourself permission to do so. Even if it goes against your family's, your peers, or your culture's beliefs for your life.  Fiercely believe in the beauty of your dreams. Decorate your life with the utmost care.  Surround yourself with uplifting people, inspiring thoughts and lots of delicious action. I guarantee it will make your world a beautiful place.} 

Because you won't find this kind of juice in another person. 

Taking the plunge to develop this company has been nothing short of a beautiful personal evolution; with a hope to inspire you to stay intimately connected to your purpose and happiness. 

With that said...

I'm giving you permission to create the world you've been dreaming about. You're the only one who's going to make it happen. 

What are you dreams? Big or small. Tell me in the comment section below. I'd love to cheer you on. :)

Here's to us. 

Love + Sun,


Your Beachonista 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

4 Signs That You CAN Stand Up Paddleboard

Hey B E A C Honista!

7 years ago, I stepped foot in a little lagoon in Carlsbad, CA. My eyes couldn't take in the gorgeous sprawling views of palm trees lining the beach shore.  Because I was overtaken by the shit storm of thoughts flooding my mind as I walked towards the rental shop to Stand Up Paddleboard for the first time.  

In the moment, my mind acted like a frenemy that gave me a bunch of bullshit reasons why I shouldn't go for something meaningful to me. My sound "logic" surfaced like a broken record kindly sharing how I've failed before and would surely suck again. The images of tripping on carpet (yes, carpet!) the week before didn't pump up my confidence either. Given that I didn't know much about stand up paddle boarding (and was about to try without instruction) revealed numerous possibilities as to how my fears could come true.   

Many of my students come to me with the same internal struggle.  They show up for a stand up paddle board lesson with mixed emotions.  Many express their enthusiasm to try stand up paddle boarding but immediately share equal resistance to the sport. It's difficult to give ourselves permission to be a beginner when we don't like being wrong, failing, looking silly, getting eaten by sharks (p.s. there aren't any in the harbor! Ok. bad joke.) and just being plain ole' out of our comfort zone.   Some may have physical limitations (which is a valid concern) and others just have limited faith in themselves to try something new.  

To make sure you know the difference between fear and real roadblocks, I've outlined a list of 4 signs that you can stand up paddle board. That way you can be sure you're able to learn something exciting and new! 

Sign #1: You Get a Thrill Checking the Weather
Are you obsessed with the weather app on your phone like I am? Good! When paddling in places like the harbor (not surf zone) the only thing you need to be aware of (besides rain) are wind conditions.  High winds can make your paddling experience about as successful as bathing 3 cats at once.  There's higher chance you'll lose balance and end up in the water and you'll tire easily from paddling against the wind.  High winds can make for an unpleasant paddling experience. If you're up on the weather and stay aware of wind conditions, you're in good shape to paddle out!

Sign #2: You've Failed At Many Things But Can Stand on Your Feet (even carpet) Failing can range from tripping on carpet effortlessly to attempting to get up on a surfboard.  It doesn't matter how many physical things you haven't succeeded at.  What matters is that you wake up with passion and can stand on both feet when you get out of bed. The next step is balance: which is where I come in to help.  ;)

Sign #3: You Spell 'Freedom'-- O-C-E-A-N.
The only thing that supersceded my fears and allowed me to take a chance on Stand Up Paddleboarding was my unwavering connection to the ocean.  The water feels like freedom to me.  I love how the wind gushes through me.  Or how alive I feel when the ocean bustles beneath me.  Or how connected and tranquil I feel to ocean life. All these elements come together beautifully when I paddle through the harbor. 

Sign #4: You've Tried Something New Recently.
Even if you have not tried something new since 1991, you've at least succeeded a minimum of a dozen times in your life.  (Hey you learned how to walk!) That's exactly what matters: you're open and willing to try!  Getting familiar with the unnerving feelings of trying a new sport you know very little about is the KEY to your success. Why? Because our mind has this fabulous agenda of keeping us safe. It makes it hard anytime we do something new because it jumps into "protection mode" and depletes our faith in our abilities (on purpose). Not so we won't succeed, but to save our ego from embarrassment and/or physical danger.  Taking a lesson with a certified SUP instructor will ease this anxiety because you will learn the basics of paddle boarding.  You'll be guided on how to handle the ocean environment, so your brain can take a chill pill and enjoy the ride. ;) 

Photo by:

Overall, my first Stand Up Paddleboard experience went better than my brain lead me to believe.  Yep. I was as stiff as a board and freaked out every time I came close to falling in.  But as I continued through, I found my center, remained balanced and finally, my eyes began to focus on the beauty around me.  

I hope these 4 signs have helped you see that you CAN stand up paddle board.  Fear can surface, but DO know that with a trained professional guiding you through the basics of paddle boarding, you'll remain safe! You'll gradually override fear and learn to operate safely in the ocean so YOU CAN freely enjoy paddle boarding!  

I would love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences  paddle boarding! Do you often find fear surfaces before you begin? Did you overcome it? Share with me below.

Love + Sun,


Monday, September 26, 2016

The FINEST Waterproof SUP Accessory


When I'm out on the water teaching a SUP lesson or going for a solo excursion, more often than not, I find myself wanting to bring my phone with me.  "Why" you might ask? Aside from my unhealthy dependency to this device (that coordinates my entire Universe), I typically enjoy listening to music, snapping pictures of my surroundings and overall feeling safely linked to assistance, in case, you know.... I happen to become unceremoniously stranded in the middle of the ocean. 

No Bueno. 

When SUP'ing was new to me, I threw caution to the wind and brought my phone on board without a waterproof case. All was fine and dandy until that same wind struck little ole' me into the water...with my phone. (Did I mention my phone was not insured?) Oy. 

After learning the hard way, the hunt for a waterproof case became mandatory. Upon searching for the finest waterproof SUP accessory case, I discovered a.) There are MANY waterproof phone cases on the market. b.) Not all can be submerged into water successfully. Some were even hard to operate through the case.   

The hunt quickly ceased when I discovered Seattle Sports. Taking a chance on this particular case was the best thing I ever did for several reasons: 

1. it's very simple to use. 

Directions: All it take is opening the case up. Sliding your phone in.  Sealing the top (ziplock style).  Gliding the plastic bar (for an extra sealant) - and Voila! You're set to go! 

2. You can wear it a couple different ways so it's comfortable.

BONUS: Not only can you wear this SUP accessory around your belt loop and neck, you can store a few more essential items, like:

* a granola bar 
(inside pouch) 

*car keys 
(open up the "necklace" and slide it down the string)

*driver's license 
(you know, if you're getting a beer afterwards)

 *a debit card and/or cash

 This prevents you from having to bring a backpack on board with you! Cool, right? 

Good News! I will be carrying these waterproof pouches in my online shop, in addition, will have these available to rent with your SUP rental or SUP lesson.  

If you'd like to purchase a SUP waterproof case for $16.00 plus tax and shipping, please leave your email address in the comment section below with "sold."  I will email an invoice and ship it out to you!

My extensive search for the finest waterproof SUP accessory for my phone will serve you well.  Take my experience and apply it to your SUP knowledge base: bring a waterproof case! ;)

Wishing you a wonderful week, Beachonista!!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista

Monday, May 30, 2016

What to Wear Stand Up Paddleboarding

Hey Beachonista!! When I talk to first time SUP'ers, one of the things they are curious about is what they should wear stand up paddleboarding.  I'm glad they ask because I know how important it is to feel comfortable when trying something new. I still cringe over an encouter I had 23 years ago when I showed up to my first soccer practice without shin guards. No one clued in this 9 year old-softball-playing-girl that they are kind of important to the sport. 


In an effort to help you feel comfortable, stylish and within SUP-style parameters, I assessed my closet (as well as my male roommate's closet!) and designed a nifty list of what to wear stand up paddle boarding. Check out these 7 clothing essentials that are perfect for men and women!

1. Swimsuits. When weather permits, bikinis and one-pieces are perfect for Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Pick one with secure straps (rather than string bikini top) so that you'll feel more comfortable maneuvering around the board. That way you won't worry  about anything coming undone. 

2. Sports Bras. are perfect because you automatically have support and (bonus!) it's semi water-resistant fabric.  Being able to move freely while SUPing is priceless. 

3. Shorts. A variety of styles are perfectly acceptable to SUP in.  However, one thing to keep in mind, is the fabric.  Anything that can withstand water is ideal.  The last thing I want you to do is wear an expensive denim and get wet.  I love wearing black spandex shorts, or a lightweight short. Board shorts work well for men.  

4. Tanks. Exercise tanks, oversize cotton tanks or rash guards are awesome. In fact, 70% of my closet is made up of these! They're comfortable and easy to maneuver in. 

5. Zip Up Hoodie. These jackets are best when they're lightweight.  Picking one that is thin and has a performance fabric will help keep your warm without the bulk and heaviness. 

6. Trucker Hat. A trucker hat is fantastic because it will keep the sun off your face and your hair contained while learning to SUP.  Also, they float in the water.  Should it fall into the water, you won't have to worry about it sinking. They float!  

7. Leggings. There are all types of leggings on the market.  My favorite type of leggings to wear are surf leggings, or a pair of yoga pants. They're great at keeping you warm and won't be completely water-logged should you get any water on you. 

Now you know exactly what to wear stand up paddle boarding, you won't ever find yourself in an embarrassing situation like mine! ;) In addition, you'll be able to navigate the SUP experience comfortably and with style.  Feel free to throw in your favorite colors to each piece and make it reflect your style as well. Have any questions?? Leave a comment below or email me at amanda(at)Thebeachonista(dot)com!  Wishing you a lovely day!

Love + Sun,

Your Beachonista

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DIY Restyle: Jump Suit into Romper for Spring

P.S. This is the only "Before" picture I managed to take! 

Hey Beachonista!  I bought a cute jump suit from Heavenly Couture a few weeks ago.  I was drawn to it's tropical appeal, the softness of the fabric, oh ,and how it looked when I tried it on!  But the one most important thing I forgot to take into consideration was shrinkage.  Sure enough, when I threw it in the wash and dryer the pant legs shrunk.  I couldn't part ways with it, so the next best thing? Cutting them!  I decided to cut the pant legs off with scissors and turn it into a romper! Check out my last post on how to cut your pants into shorts for a detailed tutorial.  In my opinion, it looks a lot better. Now, it feels cooler in this heatwave we're having by the beach.   

Tucker insisted on saying "hello" during picture time. ;)
Heels : Payless $20 | Jumpsuit/Romper: Heavenly Couture: $17 | Necklace: Harper and Harlow: $20 | Earrings: Simply Audrey: $14 | Bracelet: Heavenly Couture: $14

What was even better is that the extra fabric worked perfectly to cover the throw pillows I've been wanting to cover for, like....ever.  Not only was it enough fabric, the print went well with the overall beach-y theme my roommates and I have going on in our house.  I was even more excited about the fact that the fabric was already sewn on two sides.  All that was left was to stitch up the two sides.  

Voila! Now, I have pretty pillows too. :) #bonus  

Next time you run into a shrunken jump suit, don't throw them away -- cut the legs off and turn it into a romper.  I hope you enjoyed today's DIY Restyle: Jump Suit into Romper for Spring!  

Until next

Love + Sun,

Amanda :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oh, Hey!! I'm Officially a WPA Certified SUP Instructor!

oh hey!! good news, beachonista: I'm officially a World Paddle Association Certified Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor!  

I received this exquisite certificate through Paddle Into Fitness, which was instructed by the brilliant Gillian Gibree, a Roxy athlete who is a professional Stand Up Paddle Boarder and Yoga Instructor with a multitude of degrees and worldwide water sport achievements.  

I can't believe I am celebrating the success of completing this certification program!!  On the outside looking in, this achievement seems manageable and easy to attain.  But for me, it's been a process of evolution.  Purifying my old ideas and ways of earning a living, in addition to moving outside of my comfort zone has required me to update my perspective and fire up my drive in order to move forward.  

My mom always taught me to follow my heart and to be faithful to my dreams (as she made her life an example of those principles).  While I knew that to be true, I've also felt the pressures of securing a "good" job to make sure I could pay my bills and put food on the table.  

An inner battle occurs when you're comfortably, comfortable in the "known" BUT your heart is roaring beneath the chambers, yearning to create something meaningful in the world.  

I suspect most everyone who has courageously stepped forward with a dream has experienced this inner tug-o-war and tangoed with resistance, self-doubt, fear, stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking a leap of faith into the "unknown." 

Meet My Fear. Can't say I've ever completed any kind of ocean training before. Not because the programs lacked in my area. There were plenty! I just wasn't inspired to engage in something physically demanding. I'm the kind of girl that enjoys effortlessly gliding through life and waves, alike. ;) In fact, the only time I came close to doing something remotely taxing was "Junior Lifeguards" when I was 12 years old. But, somehow I ducked out of that and now the mere thought of water training makes me sweat....profusely.  

Awful images of being unsuccessful came to mind accompanied by some serious self-doubt: "What if I can't do it? What if I suck? What if I embarrass myself??! What if I don't get my certificate? My business will be over." (insert monkey-covering-his-eyes emoji here) 

"It's okay to be scared.  Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave." 

Lo and behold, the meat of this course involved water safety training.  One drill in particular was water rescues.  Part of the drill is to save an unconscious victim from the ocean using your SUP.  Did I mention both days rained hard with blustering winds?? That's not ideal SUP conditions. 

[[Insert more sweat here.]] 

All I could do was grab a handful of courage from the non-existent pocket of my spring suit. (Yeah, spring suit! Where was my fullsuit?? Forgot to pack it. I froze.) I paddled out to my partner (who was playing the unconscious victim), dove into the water, flipped my paddle board upside down, grabbed the victim, drapped her across my board, to then climb back on my board. I strategically secured her arms on my board while I leaned back to fall into the water so my board could flip right-side up with victim securely transitioning to the top as well. My next move? Swing the victim's legs fully on board, to then lay on top of her and paddle back to safety. 

Did you catch all that?? LOL

"Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear." 

At first this was way outside of my comfort zone. There is nothing comforting about flipping around the ocean in a highly-charged situation.  My reluctance made it difficult for me and my partner to trust that we were really going to land on the top of the board while the board turned from the bottom side back to the top.  At least that's how I felt! But after 50,000 tries, we got it down! Hooray! You would think other things like learning how to teach a lesson or the WPA final exam would've scared me more. But, nope. Just water rescues. Okay, I'm lying. Those things worried me too.  But not as much. 

As a result of my nerve-wracking experience, it dawned on me that I'm growing. evolving. And becoming the person I need to facilitate this dream of mine. Of course I'm going to feel awkward and out of my element- I'm doing something BIG! Now as a World Paddle Association Certified Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor, I'm thrilled to have grown through this to provide you with a pleasurable and safe Stand Up Paddleboarding  experience with my newly equipped knowledge to provide lessons!  If you are interested in booking lessons with me, please email me at!  In the meantime....if you find yourself teetering with the idea of following your dream, GO FOR IT.  Have you stopped due to resistance? Start. Again. And again. And again. Continue on despite the fear -- because... the world NEEDS what you've got.  Ok? Ok. :)

Much love to you. Until next time.... xxx

Hugs + Hearts,

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