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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beach Your Holiday Style

Hey Beachonista!  Christmas is a few short days away.  Embarrassingly so, I've gotten to the point where I'm starring blankly at my closet hoping a Christmas-y outfit will walk off a hanger and make itself ready for departure on Christmas eve night.  Like yours, my brain is full of to-do's (Christmas shopping and oh, life-changing goals) that occupy a large space in my head leaving little room for inspiration or excitement to dress up this year.  Are you feeling like this too? Perhaps the antidote lies in shaking things up.  I'm in the mood to try something new since the tried and true ensembles don't appeal to me much. Let's freshen things up a bit, hmm?  

Interested? Check out these three refreshing (and untraditional) looks you can most likely pull together from your closet that will beach your holiday style!

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Shorts + Glitz

Right.  This time of year is pretty cold.  But what if you're the hostess of your Christmas (or NYE) party? That means you're still able to pull this glamorized beach-y look off.  All it takes is a classic pair of cut off jean shorts, a graphic tee (preferably dark like this) topped with a sequins jacket.  Have nothing like this in your closet? Your best bet is Forever21 for all these pieces so you can beach your holiday style!  

Psst. Be sure to adorn with gold accessories for a dressier impact. ;)

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Glitzy Pants

So you're traveling in the cold weather to your Christmas party? Try this. It's a little warmer.  I just bought two pairs of sequin leggings.  I have to say...I LOVE THEM with graphic tees.  It's like wearing pajama pants but they are all glammed up on the outside. It's pretty effortless.  Again, lather on gold bracelets and a fun statement necklace with this holiday style too. 

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Off-The-Shoulder Sparkle

Got a favorite pair of ripped jeans? Add a slouchy off-the-shoulder sequins top and you're set once again with minimal effort.  Now you can concentrate on making your hair extra fab and your makeup flawless. 

Yes. The theme seems to be sequins when it comes to my favorite way to beach your holiday style.  Personally, there is no better time to wear them. Aside from sparkle, the most important emphasis here is comfort.  Most holiday outfits are uncomfortable, tight or downright binding. With these pieces, I wanted to highlight the relaxed beach style that borderlines a tom-boyish style to ensure comfort happens.  (Check out my holiday style board on Pinterest for more looks!) Why? More times than not, I've been awkwardly uncomfortable in tight dresses and high stiletto heels, when in reality I didn't have to. I don't want you to either.  Take these style tips and apply them to your holiday style and enjoy the holiday season! Wishing you a wonderful and magical time.  

Your Beachonista Sistah

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