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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fresh. Flamboyant. Frock.

So this is my first post as "The Beachonista." And, wow... do I feel shy and slightly naked typing these words to you.  Like I have big shoes to fill. Or...whatever I'm saying must have the most profound impact on you, stylishly speaking, of course.  When it comes down to it...the truth is: I just bought a dress.  I wanted to share it with you and tell how I put it together and made it feel stylish to me.  I wasn't really looking to purchase a dress.  This dress found me. While I was lurking on Facebook, in fact. When I laid eyes on the oh-so-clever ad (targeting 30-something-year-olds I'm sure) it felt like a sudden rush of "love-at-first-sight, meant-to-be, cue-the-violins" moment.  On a side note: Trust those instinctual bursts of excitement.  Could be shopaholic tendencies or a strong sign you've found "the one." Either way: follow it. Because as far as I see it, there's always a receipt involved and should the store accept returns - your butt is covered! ;)

The three words that come to mind when I think of this dress are: Fresh. Flamboyant. Frock.  Yes, it's "fresh" because it's a bit outside of my usual a-line boho styled dress.  It's very summer-y and stylish for the season.  For a curvy girl like myself,  I felt pretty comfortable showing the amount of skin this frock allows because all coverable parts are secured in place. ;) How much did I spend and where did I purchase this dress? From for $28!

My favorite way to accessorize my fresh flamboyant frock is to wear my favorite pair of brown strappy high-heeled sandals that I purchased from Payless for a whopping $25.00. 

I don't know why but a stack of gold bangles with a variety of colors went well with this dress in addition to my old, old clear statement necklace from Charlotte Russe

Similar to true love, some fresh flamboyant frocks find you when you least expect it.  You hardly ever have to purchase accessories if you keep a good little stock of bangles, statement necklaces (in classic colors) and up to date heels to instantly create fresh style when your perfect dress finds you.  I hope you enjoyed my post!  Have you had a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it below!  

Until then....


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