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Monday, January 26, 2015

My New $5 LBD Styled 3 Ways!

Fashionista!!  A girl simply cannot survive in the "fashion" wilderness without an LBD. An LBD is the 'pb' to a PB&J. The rainbow sprinkles to vanilla frozen yogurt. The icing to a beautiful cake. {Wow, can you tell I'm hungry?? lol} Basically, it's an essential ingredient to a stylish wardrobe. And it usually comes with a "love-at-first-sight-LBD" story like the one I had today!! 

Yes. It definitely was a romanticized Hollywood moment. But instead of falling for a handsome guy, it was a little black dress on the $5 rack!! What made this moment even more warm and fuzzy was how this dress stood out to me while wedged between a sea of other LBD's on the sidewalk in front of my favorite boutique: Harper & Harlow. Oh, and did I mention I was fast-walking full speed ahead with skateboard in one hand and dog in the other???  Oh, and my meter was 30 seconds shy of expiring! Talk about extreme focus.  Was it a coincidence? I think not.  It was fate. Definitely fate. ;) And I can only {happily} thank the fashion gods for putting me in the right place at the right time.

Since having had it in my possession for a few hours, I've tried it on with EVERYTHING in my closet.   From this, my new $5 LBD styled 3 ways is all I'll need to look fantastic for when dressy to semi-casual events arise.  So, I wanted to share my favorite picks with you along with a simple style formula you can try too!

Style #1: Classy B--.

LBD + Peep Toe Heels + Gold Accessories

Style #2: Chic Country Girl.
LBD + Cowboy Boots + Gold Accessories

Style 3: Boho Princess.
LBD + Gladiator Flats + Statement Necklace

Now that you've seen my new $5 LBD styled 3 ways, which one are you going to try?  Just follow the simple formula with your LBD and see what you come up with! Got a selfie of it? Email it to me! I always love hearing from you! info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com. Wishing you a lovely day, Fashionista!!


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