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Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Reasons I Suddenly Love Scrubs...{Thank You, Jaanuu!}

Hey-HEY Fashionista!! It's your long lost friend....Amanda.  It's been a while, and I'm hoping I'll soon begin a post without a guilt-induced intro.  Because it's kinda sad that it's been forever ago since my last post! {GAhhhh!} 

Alright...I'm going to move forward. {siiighh.} 

Let me just make something clear (real quick): I'm not a nurse.  I'm not any kind of medical professional.  I am just in the medical field whipping up some social media magic and handling lots and lots of paperwork. 

This whole scrub thing, is new to me. Well, kinda.  But yeah. It's kinda new.  And I was really sad...(slightly irate) when I discovered I had to say *goodbye* to my office attire dream and wear shapeless, unflattering and SUPER unattractive.....scrubs instead.   I honest-to-God had a Phyllis Neffler meltdown (from the movie: Troop Beverly Hills).  You know, when she discovered what the girl scout troop leader uniform looked like! (Best part ever!) 

I went with this scrub death-sentence until one day the clouds parted and a fashionable scrub company landed on my radar: Jaanuu.  This game-changing company that designs contemporary and uber-flattering scrubs straight-up dazzled me out of my scrub-woes. Here are the 3 reason's why....

Reason #1. You can tell I'm a woman. ((Aka: They FLATTER.))

If you hate wearing shapeless scrubs, put on Jaanuu's scrubs, and you'll feel like you're wearing a tailored button-up blouse and fitted slacks! Didn't know that was possible! The way they've structurally designed the top and pants makes you feel like every curve on your body is treated with the five start treatment!  

Reason #2. They are FUNCTIONAL!!

The functionality of these scrubs reach above and beyond the call of duty.  Need an example? I can stuff my whole desk drawer in 5 (out of the 7) pockets available on the pants and top!  Just because they fit to flatter, doesn't mean they compromise on pocket space! 

Reason #3. They are FASHIONABLE!!

Just when you thought Jaanuu scrubs couldn't give you anymore, they did it.  The attention to detail is downright impressive.  My office must've 'oooh'ed and awwwed" over the gold zipper a hundred times.  What a classy statement!  AND, we also loved the drawstring ribbon as well as the polka dot detailing. The attention to feminine detail is amazing!

Okay, so the downfall? They're not Bargain-Betty prices.  The top is in the $40 zone.  Same as the pants.   BUT there's a reason for it.  They're designed to fit, flatter a woman's figure as well as perform in a functional manner that helps you do your medical job with ease! Which means?  Lots of time and attention to detail have went into designing these puppies.  

Besides. If you WERE working in an office environment, you'd spend far more money on suits, slacks, blouses and pumps than if you were buying 5 pairs of Jaanuu scrubs to rotate throughout the week.  

So I guess there are more than 3 reasons I suddenly love scrubs...ha!! Thank you Jaanuu!!

OH! I almost forgot: When you visit Jaannu's website, sign up for their newsletter and score 20% off your first purchase!!   Have a thought, feeling or opinion about these scrubs?? Let me know what you think of these below, Fashionista!! Or as always, email me!  ----> info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com! Wishing you a wonderful week!!

Your Fashion Coach
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