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Monday, August 25, 2014

Going Out Look: Glammed Up Shorts + Top

Hey Fashionista!! I'm embarrassed. I haven't written a single post in, ohhhhhhh, 5 weeks, maybe?? I'm sorry for my lack of posts! Let me save you from a long list of excuses...and dive right into this fun going out look I put together this past weekend to dance the night away.  

Basically, I wasn't into wearing my trusty "go-to girly-girl" look to my favorite swanky upscale bar. Instead, I wanted something a little sultry,  a little glammed up but also comfortable.  (I can a girl shake it in on the dance floor when you're constantly fidgeting with an uncomfortable outfit?!)   

What I found delighted me so much 
that I HAD to share with you! 

Top: Heavenly Couture ($16) Manhattan Beach, CA | Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer ($69) Shop Bella, Manhattan Beach, CA | Nail Polish: Essie ($9) | Necklace: Etsy ($12)

Here are the pieces to complete this outfit combo: 
Oversized Button-Up Blouse 
(bonus points if it's sheer!)
Crochet Shorts + Statement Necklace + High Strappy Heels + Arm Candy

Why This Works? This particular outfit combination works because it's feminine (not overly sexy -- I'm not a fan of putting sexiness out there for everyone to see.  There's a time and place for that. ;) but it is a little more risque than your normal daytime ensemble -- oh, AND super comfortable too!  


This going out look works because of the textures and colors used in the top and the shorts.  I purposely used feminine colors like white and soft pink to accentuate the girliness that I so love.  And I added in pops of black to amp up the sultry appeal; added in silver accents to make it super chic.

Pay extra attention to the colors and textures you add to your outfit. Make them soft, like pink, but mix in blacks and lace to boost the allure.  It's evening time, so you CAN add sexy little pieces to this look and still maintain a tasteful standard. 

Now....Your Turn! Open up your closet or take a shopping trip! Find a pair of white crochet shorts.  Pair it with a loose, slightly oversized (and long) button up blouse.  Don't wear a tank underneath, just a pretty lingerie-esque bra -- trust me, it'll look tasteful.  ;)

Pair a metallic pair of heels and statement necklace with it and you're ready to go out!

I hope you enjoyed my take on this going out look: glammed up shorts + top! Please share this idea with any friends and ladies that might be stuck in a style rut and needs a pick-me-up!  Wishing you a fabulous week! 

Your Fashion Coach

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