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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Convert Your Dress into a Top

Hey Fashionista!! 
Seems like when I get excited and make plans (or promise) to do something, 
(like writing this blog post!)
I fall behind...a couple of days. 
(insert serious emoticon here.)
Ever have that happen?
Maybe it's a procrastination thing.
Maybe I get overly excited and worry I'll mess up. 
{Oh, the embarrassment!}
grrr! another sweet opportunity for an emoji!!
If you've noticed, please forgive me.. 
Life has been one large jackhammer...
Smashing my plans to pieces and delaying many things, like writing! 
The only thing is that I wish it were trivial plans that weren't panning out, like.. 
spilling on my white jeans
Or wearing red lipstick on my lips and my teeth. {oops!}
But, unfortunately, it's been big stuff like: going through a divorce, 
discovering who is really there for me.
And who couldn't give a crap....or, just likes dishing it out on me.
Oh, and finding my way again.
That's a big one.

The main point is...I am putting one Rainbow Sandal in front of the other (with the help of my loved ones!) and getting through this unpleasant transitional time. 
Blogging to you also helps keep me grounded and hopeful of a brighter future, when it feels like there isn't one. 
So thank for you that, Fashionista. :) 

Today I really wanted to share my most favorite style tip in my toolbox
that I've used about 10,546 times so far this summer
Check out how to convert your dress into a top. 

Dress from $54

First step is to grab a dress.
It could be your favorite one.
It can be a simple one.
Just make sure it defines your waist line or your bust line.
So, think, a-line dresses or empire waist dresses.

Also, grab a pair of shorts.
I LOVE using jean shorts.
But you can use any type. 
Just make sure they are short to lengthen those stems. ;)

Step'll want to tuck in the front of your dress
to the front of your shorts.
Leave about 2" hanging over the front of your shorts.

For the last step....
 grab the back of your dress and
tuck it into your shorts, 
leaving about 3" of fabric hanging over.
You'll want to leave it a little longer in the back
(and shorter in the front) to make a nice balance to your figure.

Taking these tips and learning how to convert your dress into a top, 
will give new life to your style and allow more room to style yourself up
for many different occasions.
The best part is that it's pretty much free!
You already have dresses and shorts in your closet. All you have to do is re-mix them together. I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for listening to my life story!
I wish you a wonderful 4th of July holiday, Fashionista!

Love (& Fireworks) ;)
Your Fashion Coach
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