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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do's & Don't's of Hats + Dresses for Summer

Hey Fashionista! 
I am doing the freaking 'happy dance' now that SUMMER is FINALLY HERE!
This year I'm much more excited about summer since
I moved back to my beach-y hometown a few months ago!
No longer do I have to put up with insufferable summer days cooling off inside 
watching my money fly away to the electric company.

Nope! I am now able to freely play in the cool sunshine once again 
and still know,...alive and with money in my pocket! {Double Win!}

You can imagine what all this positive turn of events is doing for my blogging. 
I get to experiment with all types of styles to wear for summer!
Oh, and let me tell ya....the choices and options are endless.
However, I kept going back to this 
effortless, stylish and comfortable combo 
that is perfect for hot summer days (and nights!!) 
Check out the 
"Do's & Don't's of Hats + Dresses for Summer" 
so you can try this style out too!

It's all about the dress, Fashionista!
The perfect type of dress that work with hats  are
empire waistline dresses.
((Like mine above!))
Flow-y are even better.  
Bonus points for hippy/boho elements
(like the crochet detailing at the bottom of my dress!)

Don't wear a prom dress or any other floor-length gown lol ;)
Any dress too structured won't work for this look either.
Keep it light, unstructured and flow-y, 
like the summer wind. ;)

Do wear sandals! 
Tennis shoes like, Converse (aka "Chucks") 
work well with this look too.
The point is to look casual by keeping this area simple.

Nothing fancy is needed. 
So shelve your wedges and super adorned flip flops for another look.
This style is best kept simple and a little tom boy-ish. ;)

Do wear boho-style jewelry:
Gold! (Duh.) 
Long necklaces.
And snazzy gold rings. 
Again, keep it simple, 
And light.
Sparkle is definitely a must.

Use super chunky jewelry. 
Always keep it dainty.

So, Fashionista! All you need to do is concentrate on these three areas in order to achieve a stylish and effortless summer look when wearing hats + dresses this season. You can do so much with this outfit combo and look super cute while doing them! As always, I love seeing how you style yourself up with these pointers. Feel free to email your final look to me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com - or post it on my Facebook page:! 
Wishing you a wonderful first week of Summer!!
See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

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