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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two Bikini Tops You Must Try This Month!

Hey Fashionista! Last week I came face-to-face with a less than pretty situation. Ok, no, I'm lying. It was a horrifying situation. What exactly was unsettling? Confronting my swimwear drawer.  I know. I sound like I'm over-reacting, but let me just tell you a little bit about the suit combinations I've collected over the years...and then maybe you'll believe me.

My not-so-favorite piece in the pile was an *ultra* pink sequin triangle top that closely resembled snake skin so brilliantly that you couldn't help but imagine a stripper wearing it for the 'floor show.'  Was I drunk when I bought it? No. But maybe I should've told you I was so I could save myself the humiliation I'm feeling right about NOW. LoL!

Or how about this one: a worn-out flag bikini with the bottoms so stretched out that it could easily fit the bumper of my car?? YEP! So not kidding. And to clarify: at no point did I ever weigh 3 tons. (I think Old Navy's swimwear quality just least for this bikini.) 

See..told ya! Not a pretty situation.

I assure you though, I didn't drink a bottle of wine and slink into the corner to wallow over my bad swimwear choices. No. Instead I shopped for fresh and exciting new bikinis from my trusted fashionable bikini source: Victoria's Secret Swim catalog!! 

In the process of shopping for new pieces, I actually found a way to make it budget-friendly and super stylish for all to wear! 

Among the many fabulous choices presented in this lovely publication (that didn't involve stripper-pink snake skin) I found two fabulous bikini tops you must try this month with your favorite pair of bikini bottoms.  

So the fringe bikini top has been in-style for a while now.  What makes it more fun and current is wearing it on a halter top.  

I ordered this in light blue and I couldn't be happier. The blue reminds me of a Tiffany-blue. I mean....who doesn't love "Tiffany blue?" It's a gorgeous color! And goes with other various prints and colors as well.  

I love how comfortable and supportive it is. I definitely recommend putting this top on your shopping list this month! Oh, and the best part is that it's only $28.50!

The last top I'm in love with is the "Flounce Halter" top.  I have yet to get this. Actually, I might hop on and purchase it when I'm through typing this blog! The style is so refreshing and adorable. It reminds me of wearing a pretty ruffle-y dress in the spring.  I can't imagine it not looking lovely with various types of bikini bottoms as well. This top also starts at $28.50!

Both of these tops are refreshing and are worthy of your attention! What's even more fantastic is that they're budget-friendly. So don't worry if your wallet is a little tight this month. Just grab your favorite style and remix it with your favorite bottoms to stay on point this summer. :)
I hope you enjoyed reading my take on the two bikini tops you must try this month! Let me know which top you'd most want to try this summer below or by email @ info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com!  Wishing you a fabulously fun (and short!!) week!!

Your Fashion Coach

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