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Monday, May 5, 2014

Trend to Try: Shift Dress + {Beach} Sandals

Hey Fashionista!  Over the weekend I went out with my girlfriends to our favorite beach bar in the neighborhood. At this local watering-hole, ladies typically wear jeans, t-shirts, heels and, sometimes, beach sandals as well. However, I was in no mood to be 100% casual. I was totally enraptured by my desire to dress up!  But of course my head interfered with its buzz-kill warning signals, incessantly conveying its point to create a look that accommodates the bar's casual scene.  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My head is right. If I wore platform heels, I'd look like I came straight from a club in Hollywood, or from some swanky, high-end restaurant just up the street. In which case, someone would surely suggest I go back there as opposed to hanging out at a dive! Or...maybe, that would just be ME telling myself that. ;)

In any case, I got interested in satisfying my heart's desire and my head's concerns, so my search lead me to this white eyelet {shift} dress (that had been screaming for a night out for the past several days).  My gut insisted I pair it with my beach sandals...and I totally was unsure. Which is how you know it's your intuition speaking. You always doubt it! :) Once I slipped my Rainbow Sandals on, it actually came together nicely.   

Sounds strange, right?

I know... and the fact that this is also: a.) maybe the 3rd blog post I mention Rainbow Sandals. and, b.) maybe the only time I am not suggesting you to wear wedges (flats or heels!) with a dress is odd! Especially this time of year!  But here's why though - and this is where my analytic point of view to styling comes in: This particular outing takes place in a casual setting, yet it's evening time, so you can bend the rules a bit the way I did.  So if this were a math equation (lol) a shift dress (which is dressy) + beach sandals (which are casual) = perfect fit the 'dive bar" scene. 

AND about my second point...Rainbow Sandals are going to be my favorite sandal for any type of occasion.  Always. Just plain and simple. And, no, Rainbow Sandals is not paying me to state this. I'm just a big fan of their sandals! But if they would like to pay me for saying this, I would not object whatsoever. :0) However they are neutral and can be worn with just about every color out there.

This trend is a must try because it not only will work for casual bar settings. It will also work for other casual events such as picnics in the park, picnics on the beach, or beach weddings! In other words, anywhere that is perfectly acceptable to dress up but takes place in an outdoor or casual setting will easily call for this kind of outfit.

Overall, this little trick marries fancy with casual together beautifully to create a unique, one-of-a-kinda look.  Put this in your book as a trend to try! Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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