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Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Dress Glamorously Casual for Memorial Day!

Hey Fashionista!! Most people are skeptical of the idea of mixing casual style with glamorous elements. They are meant to be separate, right? Not exactly. How do I know this? From real-life experience.  Which consists of endless hours spent elbows-deep in my closet "cross-styling" (as I like to call it) casual and fancy pieces. And then wearing them out to various types of places.  So far, most reactions I receive are positive. Can't mistake great feedback. ;) But seriously, bending the rules and mixing unlikely pieces are the essence to fresh and exciting style.  And not being afraid to, maybe stand out from the crowd too! :) 

Anyway! Now that one of my favorite holidays is coming up this weekend -- (hello 3-day weekend!!) I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how to dress glamorously casual for Memorial Day! It might sound strange, it might sound difficult. But it's really fun and easy!  Allow me to show you how below!

1. Start w/the Basics!
{Collared Plaid Top: | Jean Shorts: Old Navy | Belt:}

You know how you have that great pair of cut-off jean shorts in your closet? Grab those! They will work perfectly with a collared plaid shirt - preferably in red, white or blue to enhance the patriotic theme of Memorial Day.

2. Layer.
{Shoes: Madden Girl @}

I like to think of accessorizing as a two-step process.  The first step to layering is thinking of your shoes and your items like belts, or scarves, etc.  Since we're wearing jean shorts and a collared shirt, check out your belts. Your basic brown or black belt will anchor this casual, patriotic look very well.  

Once you've grabbed that it's time for the next layer of accessorizing...

3. Jewels!
{White Bubble Necklace: My Shop ( | Gold Watch: Ann Klein @ Nordstrom | Large Jeweled Bracelet: All Yoo Boutique Manhattan Beach, CA | 
Small Beaded Bracelet: Gift from my Bestie!}

To increase the glam-factor of this casual ensemble, I incorporated big jewels, like this white bubble necklace (now available at my shop!) and chunky (yet sparkly) jeweled bracelets. It's like the icing to the cake, don't ya think? ;) What sparkly bracelets do you have on hand? Do you have a pretty gold watch to go with it? Play around with sparkly jewels and beads to glisten up your casual look.

Now that you learned my tips on how to dress glamorously casual for Memorial Day, go out and have a fabulous time!! But please, please, please be SAFE too, ok? Wishing you a wonderful week, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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