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Monday, April 21, 2014

Water Sport Bikinis for Beach Activities

Hey Fashionista!! Ever since I moved back to my hometown, I've been in the ocean non-stop SUP Boarding (Stand Up Paddle Boarding), kayaking and working on my surf skills. I've been in love with the ocean ever since I was a little kid.  (Um, the big waves still freak me out a little, but I work on getting used to them! ;) Most of my family live and breathe the beach too. My uncle was a lifeguard/paramedic.  Many of my family members played beach volleyball in tournaments and just for fun on the weekend. The best part was (and still is!) being able to ride bikes or a skateboard to reach our destination for the day.  

Normally, I'd write about stylish bikinis, but today I wanted to shed light on water sport bikinis (which still have loads of style!!) that will support beach activities such as SUP Boarding, surfing and beach volleyball.  

Over the weekend, I stopped in Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach, CA and met the uber cool (and totally down-to-earth) owner, Jason, to discuss the bikinis he carries in his shop that offer women style and support while fearlessly owning waves.  

There are two major features to look for in water sport bikinis...

The first are the strings and structure of the top of the bikini.  If you notice the placement of the strings on the top of this water sport bikini is different than a regular bikini top.  Normally you'd just tie the two strings together and you're ready to lay on the beach.  Only problem is that when you're swimming under strong wave currents, those little strings don't stand a chance at staying tide together -- (trust me I know this first hand!) 

Most water sport bikinis crisscross and anchor at the bottom of the bikini top to remain strong in the midst of maneuvering against the strength of the ocean tides. 

In addition, the 'v' style feature on this bikini top is very important for "duck-diving" under waves (with your surfboard) and still having your 'girls' intact and saving you from any embarrassing moments! 

The second is wearing bikini bottoms that fit tightly around your hips with an inch width securing this area for optimal support in the water.  When you're in the midst of hopping up on a board, you want to have the comfort knowing you're bottoms are going to stay on through the twists and turns.  

As it's trending now, the bikini bottoms are cutting higher up into a Brazilian cut. Which means, your cheeks are exposed the sun. ;) Uh, so that means more squat exercises for this girl! :) :)     Overall, look for tops that have more secure straps in the back.  Crisscross effects will play a major role in achieving the support you need in the water.  Also, grabbing a pair of bottoms that are less fussy and maybe exposing a bit more of your hinney, will work well too!  I hope you enjoyed today's post on water sport bikinis for beach activities. If you're ever in Manhattan Beach, CA, stop by Nikau Kai for surf or Stand Up Paddle Board lessons as well as shopping for water sport bikinis!  Wishing you a beautiful day, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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