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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pink Maxi-Dress

Hey Fashionista!  I've got two fun ways or you to style up your maxi-dress this Spring.  Since I happened to be shopping last Sunday-Funday, I found the most beautiful pink maxi-dress that I couldn't resist.  

The color made my skin appear tanner than it actually is AND the price was only $45!! Yeow! Which totally dictated my decision to purchase it right away! 

As soon as I brought my new pink maxi-dress home, I immediately discovered two cute ways to wear it around town during Spring's season! Check it out below!

Style #1. Glamazon Maxi-Dress

When it's cold out, like yesterday evening, a maxi-dress isn't enough to keep warm. So, what I like to do is add leggings underneath the maxi-dress.  But I don't stop there.  I pull up the front line of the dress and loosely tuck it in to my leggings and create a hi-low effect on the dress.  
How? This is very easy to do.  Just grab a handful of fabric from the front and pull it up just enough to show some thigh, knee and calf.  You can play with the hemline and tuck in as much as needed.  Leave the back un-tucked in order to create a hi-low style to your maxi-dress!

Style #2. Goddess Style Maxi-Dress

Then, of course, there is the traditional way to wear a maxi: like a goddess.  The wind was out in full-force (so please excuse the crazy hair!) :) This dress on its own is very whimsical and feminine.  Minimal accessories are needed due to the pretty bead-work on the top sides of my dress.  I added a few bracelets to carry out the glamorous elements of the dress.  

I bought this dress @ BKB in Hermosa Beach, CA for $45! Visit their online store to shop this dress at!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my new pink maxi-dress! Keep in mind, these tips work for most maxi-dresses.  If you have a few stacked up in your closet that have lost their luster, try creating a hi-low effect. Or, maybe it just needs a few twirls in the wind to remember why you bought it! ;) Wishing you a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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