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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4 Ways to Style Trucker Hats for Spring!

Hey Fashionista! Now that we're in the middle of spring (and well on our way to summer!) I  figured you might be looking for new and exciting ways to update your weekend-wear to, maybe, something a little more dazzling?  I mean, who doesn't like spicing up their look when a new season is upon us? I know I do! :)  

In case you haven't already met....I wanted to introduce you to the best accessory on earth: the trucker hat! Yes. They looked cheesy back in the 80's. By no means, were they considered fabulous. But I assure you, Fashionista, they have been redeemed AND are winning me over! (Take it from this girl... who has had a love affair with hats since I could crawl into my dad's hat stash!)  


Now that you understand my take on hats.... :) Here are 4 ways to style trucker hats for spring! --- Be sure to check out my cute little co-bloggers below, who came up with their spin on trucker hat fashion! 

Hat: From E.T. Surf in Hermosa Beach, CA | Brand: Roxy

Aztec prints are ahhh-mazing right now. Especially on skirts.  My thought was to mix a an Aztec-printed tank and skirt to capture the playfulness of the spring season, while pulling off a tom-boy trucker hat in a feminine way for day or night.  Catch all that? ;) So, I want you to Try mixing a trucker hat with your favorite skirt and tank! Don't be afraid to use bold colors or prints here.  It will add new spice to your outfit. :)

The second look is geared toward my jeans-and-t-shirt-wearing Fashionistas.  It may sound cliche, but jeans and a t-shirt are so comfortable! But they don't have to be boring or frumpy.  I liked pairing this fitted tank (from Old Navy) and wearing it with a similar colored cardigan.  Since it's warming up over here in Southern California, I threw on my favorite Rainbow sandals (or "bows" as my friend calls them ;) instead! This look is perfect for weekend day time fun or running errands - whichever you prefer!

Green Hat: From Nikau Kai | Black Hat: Roxy

The last two looks come courtesy of my niece Kaela and her BFF, Angie. They've come up with two extra ways to wear a trucker hat fashionably this season. Jeans shorts and crop tops (with converse, of course!) are fabulous choices for warmer and longer days. And is the easiest and most common outfit to wear with trucker hats.  Always, always throw in a print if your trucker hat isn't busy, like the green one Angie is wearing on the left.  

Kaela paired her hat with a cute double-slit maxi-skirt and a tube top. This is also very fun and feminine for spring. It can look great for nights spent on the beach, lake or river with your favorite peeps and wanting to look a little more dressy.  

I'll admit, at first I thought trucker hats looked silly and went with nothing. But the more I played around with them (and noticed how my favorite surf brands were starting to design them in a girl-friendly-way!) the more I fell for these babies.  They're so much more stylish!

I hope we inspired you with our 4 ways to style trucker hats for spring!  Do you have a fave? Let us know in the comment section below! Or as always, email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com - I love hearing from you!  Wishing you a wonderful day under the sun!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, April 21, 2014

Water Sport Bikinis for Beach Activities

Hey Fashionista!! Ever since I moved back to my hometown, I've been in the ocean non-stop SUP Boarding (Stand Up Paddle Boarding), kayaking and working on my surf skills. I've been in love with the ocean ever since I was a little kid.  (Um, the big waves still freak me out a little, but I work on getting used to them! ;) Most of my family live and breathe the beach too. My uncle was a lifeguard/paramedic.  Many of my family members played beach volleyball in tournaments and just for fun on the weekend. The best part was (and still is!) being able to ride bikes or a skateboard to reach our destination for the day.  

Normally, I'd write about stylish bikinis, but today I wanted to shed light on water sport bikinis (which still have loads of style!!) that will support beach activities such as SUP Boarding, surfing and beach volleyball.  

Over the weekend, I stopped in Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach, CA and met the uber cool (and totally down-to-earth) owner, Jason, to discuss the bikinis he carries in his shop that offer women style and support while fearlessly owning waves.  

There are two major features to look for in water sport bikinis...

The first are the strings and structure of the top of the bikini.  If you notice the placement of the strings on the top of this water sport bikini is different than a regular bikini top.  Normally you'd just tie the two strings together and you're ready to lay on the beach.  Only problem is that when you're swimming under strong wave currents, those little strings don't stand a chance at staying tide together -- (trust me I know this first hand!) 

Most water sport bikinis crisscross and anchor at the bottom of the bikini top to remain strong in the midst of maneuvering against the strength of the ocean tides. 

In addition, the 'v' style feature on this bikini top is very important for "duck-diving" under waves (with your surfboard) and still having your 'girls' intact and saving you from any embarrassing moments! 

The second is wearing bikini bottoms that fit tightly around your hips with an inch width securing this area for optimal support in the water.  When you're in the midst of hopping up on a board, you want to have the comfort knowing you're bottoms are going to stay on through the twists and turns.  

As it's trending now, the bikini bottoms are cutting higher up into a Brazilian cut. Which means, your cheeks are exposed the sun. ;) Uh, so that means more squat exercises for this girl! :) :)     Overall, look for tops that have more secure straps in the back.  Crisscross effects will play a major role in achieving the support you need in the water.  Also, grabbing a pair of bottoms that are less fussy and maybe exposing a bit more of your hinney, will work well too!  I hope you enjoyed today's post on water sport bikinis for beach activities. If you're ever in Manhattan Beach, CA, stop by Nikau Kai for surf or Stand Up Paddle Board lessons as well as shopping for water sport bikinis!  Wishing you a beautiful day, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Spring Accessories

Hey Fashionista! I am so sorry it's been a while since I've posted! I've been in the midst of moving...and changing a few things in my life.  My mind has been in a bit of a 'fog' - constantly thinking about you and what to write!  Since my life has been more 'on-the-go' lately, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite spring accessories that I literally don't leave home without.  They make an outfit come to life and are hassle-free - oh, and very affordable! Read below for full details!

Seashell Tote

Sure, this tote is half my body-size, and violates all sizing and proportion"rules" written about finding the perfect handbag. However, it's been PERFECT for just about everything I do. Beach. Networking events. Dinner. Even nights out on the town - (Note: In this case, I take my clutch and leave my tote in the car).  With totes like these I love adding a scarf. My friend happened to not want this lovely crocheted beauty. So I swagged it on my tote! 

It holds my entire life in the midst of its perfectly stitched threads.  For surfing or paddling days out in the water, it holds my beach towel, wallet, bottle of water, snack, sunglasses, cell phone, accessories, even an extra pair of shoes and/or clothes.  It's a beautiful thang. 

Oh, and this gem was on sale for $16 at Tabula Rasa in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Check out their online store at: 

Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Another gem that I've grown fond of. No. Wait. It was more like "love-at-first-sight" with these.  I spotted them while loading up at the candy store one evening.  Then I saw them. On the $9.99 shelf....staring at me. Right in the eye. They lit up so brilliantly that I HAD TO HAVE THEM.  Since then, they've looked lovely with sundresses, casual apparel and salon get my eyebrows waxed. Yeah. I come out of there looking like someone drew two red lipstick lines above (and under) my eyebrows! Ever have that happen? If not, consider yourself among "the lucky ones" who can get waxed sans skin irritation! ;) Yep, these babies covered the evidence right up so I could go out in public and not be asked if I was burned recently. 

Unfortunately, the candy shop at the Redondo Beach Pier does not have a website (too bad. Would like to order their candy online) so if you're ever in the area, go down there and I'm pretty sure they'll be there for only $9.99!

Floral "Vans" Hat

Not everyone is a "hat person" but I definitely am - and totally recommend it for various occasions like, bad hair days; especially those involving a much needed trip to the salon to get those roots done; super hot days - helps you stay cool; and if you want to add an extra layer of style to your outfit! 

This hat is so fun and entirely perfect for spring.  I mean, what more can you ask for when you've got pink and flowers together on an accessory? Nothing. Nothing more. 

This hat is available at and for $20! 

Delicate Gold Jewelry 

Everyday jewelry for me consists of lightweight pieces that mesh well with everything. These two pieces do it for me.  I bought them both at Spyder Surf in Hermosa Beach, CA.  You can visit them at:

Pink Planning Tools

So, I'm a bit of a hybrid when it comes to planning.  I like blending electronic and old school planners together to keep track of my life!  I tend to enjoy "penciling-in" dinner dates, meetings and birthdays in my Lily Pulitzer Day Planner.  However, my iPad is a necessity for 1. Music. 2. eMail 3. Internet. and...4.Pictures.  They both come in pink - which is a perfectly acceptable color for spring. :)

Lily Planner - for $28 | Case Mate iPad Case - $10

What makes each item in my top 5 favorite spring accessories list is that fact that they are so adorable, spring-friendly, and easy to style into my day-to-day wardrobe as well as my life.  Those elements are important to consider when developing your own spring favorite accessory list.  I hope that helps you, Fashionista!! Wishing you a fabulous week!! 

Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pink Maxi-Dress

Hey Fashionista!  I've got two fun ways or you to style up your maxi-dress this Spring.  Since I happened to be shopping last Sunday-Funday, I found the most beautiful pink maxi-dress that I couldn't resist.  

The color made my skin appear tanner than it actually is AND the price was only $45!! Yeow! Which totally dictated my decision to purchase it right away! 

As soon as I brought my new pink maxi-dress home, I immediately discovered two cute ways to wear it around town during Spring's season! Check it out below!

Style #1. Glamazon Maxi-Dress

When it's cold out, like yesterday evening, a maxi-dress isn't enough to keep warm. So, what I like to do is add leggings underneath the maxi-dress.  But I don't stop there.  I pull up the front line of the dress and loosely tuck it in to my leggings and create a hi-low effect on the dress.  
How? This is very easy to do.  Just grab a handful of fabric from the front and pull it up just enough to show some thigh, knee and calf.  You can play with the hemline and tuck in as much as needed.  Leave the back un-tucked in order to create a hi-low style to your maxi-dress!

Style #2. Goddess Style Maxi-Dress

Then, of course, there is the traditional way to wear a maxi: like a goddess.  The wind was out in full-force (so please excuse the crazy hair!) :) This dress on its own is very whimsical and feminine.  Minimal accessories are needed due to the pretty bead-work on the top sides of my dress.  I added a few bracelets to carry out the glamorous elements of the dress.  

I bought this dress @ BKB in Hermosa Beach, CA for $45! Visit their online store to shop this dress at!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my new pink maxi-dress! Keep in mind, these tips work for most maxi-dresses.  If you have a few stacked up in your closet that have lost their luster, try creating a hi-low effect. Or, maybe it just needs a few twirls in the wind to remember why you bought it! ;) Wishing you a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach
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