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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ultimate Fashionista, My Mom

Hey Fashionista...  :)  I believe it's important to recognize and honor those who have shaped our lives positively.  So, today I wanted to open up and share with you about a woman who has influenced my spirit of style and outlook on life, ever since I took my first breath. My mom.  This day weighs heavily in my heart and on my mind...because, one year ago today, my mother passed away.  Sadly, what was supposed to be a harmless condition turned into a misdiagnosed health condition for far too long.  We discovered she had advanced stages of breast cancer....and then, a month and a half later, I held her as she took...her last breath.   

It's surreal to me...a woman so full of life to no longer be a part of mine.  And to now only cling to memories..or a photograph. 

Slowly, as time moves on, I'm learning that the key to finding peace, is honoring her life by cherishing the qualities that made my mom, the woman she was, the woman who touched my heart so deeply. 

So...if you don't mind, today, I wanted to share with you a few things about my mom that made her special to me and also the ultimate Fashionista in my book. 

My mom was not the kind of person to blend in with the crowd. Oh, no. She stood out. Not in a "sore-thumb" kind of way. But more like,  a super star in regular, day-to-day life.  I know people tend to exaggerate the details of loved ones that have passed away. But, I assure you, she was the real deal.  You would recognize her by her short-shorts (check her out to the right!) , 4" heels and what she called her "bug-eyed sunglasses." (Or at least that's what my dad and his buddies jokingly called them).  It didn't matter if we were walking down the street or at Disneyland, she was always dressed to kill and didn't mind what people said. Or if they stared.  She kept smiling and laughing while carrying on with her own parade.  

I used to watch (with bright-eyes, no less) as she picked out her outfit for work. She always pulled out the chic-est high heels, fancy dresses and chunky gold jewelry to adorn herself with for the day. Impractical at times? She didn't care.  If it made her smile, that's all that mattered.  Her bright blonde hair always sparkled and her skin was always so tan.  (Never understood how I didn't inherit that trait!!! lol) As a kid, the greatest fun was playing in her closet; dressing up in her dresses and high heels - often times with my cousins. (Gah! I wish I had pictures of that!!) 

What was really special about my mom's quirkiness was her light.  Others may have tried dimming it because she was too shiny, but she kept her blinders on and paid no attention whatsoever.  I think the most important lesson in my mother's example, is to always honor your own unique way about you.  Whether it's a certain color, a particular print, or style. Stay faithful to it, no matter what people say about you.  It's what makes you unique and a bright shiny force on this planet.  And you know what's great about that? You become the example, the change, that gives others permission to do the same in their life.  

I really appreciate you letting me share with you a little bit about my mother.  I hope her life reminds you to be true to yours.  As always, I love hearing from you. Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com! I wish you a wonderful day, Fashionista! Lots of love to you!


Your Fashion Coach

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