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Monday, March 24, 2014

My 3 Favorite Ways to Style High-Waist Shorts

Hey Fashionista! Over the weekend my BFF asked if I had a pair of high-waisted shorts. I assured her I did. But when I pulled them out she laughed insisting I try on a pair of her black denim high-waisted shorts. When I did, I totally felt silly, because her pair of shorts actually went up to my belly-button, as where mine did not. 

Oops! :)

Now I'm totally in love with this style. And have discovered my 3 favorite ways to style high-waist shorts for spring -- that will work for cooler days, hot temps and fancy nights out.  Check out my style tips below!

1.) For Cooler Days/Nights

High Waist Shorts + Thermal Top + Printed Tank + Tennis Shoes

This is precisely what I wore yesterday for "Sunday Funday." Since the weather was in the low 60's by the beach, I made sure to wear a thermal with my shorts and tropical loose-fit tank to stay warm while remaining fashionable.  The colors complimented each other nicely and made me feel shine-y even though the sun hid for most of the morning. :) 

Shorts: Aardvarks | Thermal: Billabong | Tank: Target

2.) For Hot Days

High Waist Shorts + Tank + Graphic Loose-Fitted Tank + Sandals

Hot days are coming.  And this outfit combination will work well in the heat.  Keeping things light and short while adding a dash of print and color really makes this outfit playful and "cool."  Don't be afraid to pair printed high-waist shorts with a graphic tee in another color.  It'll make your look fresh and exciting.  

Shorts: Spyder (Hermosa Beach, CA) | "Surf Gypsy" Tank: Diane's Beachwear (Manhattan Beach, CA) | Sandals: Rainbows

3.) Casual Evenings Out 

High Waist Shorts + Camisole + Cardigan + Belt + Sandals

Once you're wearing a pair of high-waist shorts that flatter you in all the right ways, you're not going to want to take them off. You can wear them down to the beach or at the pool. But when evening comes, all you have to do is switch your tops and shoes and you're ready to go out for drinks.  

Keep in mind....that just because your shorts may be casual, doesn't mean you can't fancy them up!  

Like, by mixing in elegant elements, as I did with my black cardigan and strappy sandals. 

Might I suggest applying small doses of black for insta-glammification? (I might've made that word up?) lol But you get the point! ;) 

Shorts: Spyder (Hermosa Beach, CA) | Camisole: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Forever 21 | Belt: LOFT | Sandals: 

All in all, there are TONS of ways to wear high-waist shorts. But there are only three main ways you're going to use them, should you buy a pair! My favorite spots to buy high-waist shorts are at surf shops. However, if you don't live near one, shop these surf brands online, like:, or even  

However, you'll WANT to try them on before committing to a pair. These shorts will come up to your natural waistline.  They might be a little snug, but that's the way they're supposed to be. 

And guess what else is kinda fun? They have a button-fly. Remember those? From, like 1990?? So great!!!!

LoL! Anyway! I hope you enjoyed reading my 3 favorite ways to style hig-waist shorts! Have a beautiful day, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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