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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glam Up For Valentine's Day Date Night

Hey Fashionista! 3 more days until Valentine's Day! Which means it's on a Friday this year! Woo hoo!  Yes, I know this holiday has sorta become a cliche - dress up, hint to your man that you want a big bouquet of flowers and sentimental gift, followed by a romantic night out.  Or despise the holiday altogether and stay home. However, I want to take the heavy expectation out of this equation and just focus on YOU for this post.  Let's look at Valentine's Day as a time to wear something special regardless of your relationship status.  

Sound good to you? Great! Let me walk you through a few ideas that will get you glammed up for Valentine's Day date night with your man, your girls or just for you! ;)

My favorite technique for glamming up outfits are layering unexpected pieces together. Take my outfit for instance: Does my pink frock look like a dress?  It really isn't.  I layered a tulle skirt and pink negligee together!  I know this might sound strange: wear a nightie out on the town. But, honestly, does it look strange layered with a tulle skirt and cardi? I think not. :) I attribute this kind of out-of-the-box styling to my "Old Hollywood," rubbing-elbows-with-the-stars, Great Grandmother who had her finger on the pulse of glamour back in her day. She taught me a thing or two about glamour at the young age of 5 -- while I sat under a pile of tulle in the sewing room of her L.A. house, listening to her lessons on fashion and colorful stories of schmoozing with the stars. 

My Great Grandmother's tales were just as fabulous as her styling and sewing skills. I remember watching her pick out the craziest pieces and putting them together into a red carpet worthy gown! The way that woman stitched up an extravagant gown for my cousins and me was the biggest treat of our lives - and never ceased to amaze us. Even though I had no fancy balls to wear these beautiful dresses to as a kid, I would often wear them out to dinner; or twirl on top of my bed imagining I were a princess; or even, dancing up a storm at one of my family's fancy shindigs. Haha. 

Yeah, glamorous gowns lit my fire! And also, guides me to how I do style, as my Great Grandmother did. :)

A couple of reasons why these pieces work together: 1. The pinks are similar to each other - so they blend seamlessly. 2. The lengths and silhouettes of the nightie and skirt were shaped the same so they could lay perfectly together.  3. The textures of tulle and satin automatically increased the glam factor of this union. 

Do you have a skirt and negligee - (or even a tunic!) that can work together? Even if you aren't sure, try them on!  Play with it to see if they can match up to where they blend well together. 

Then, make sure you accessorize accordingly.  Since my ensemble is full of feminine and girly details (like satin and tulle galore!) it made pure sense to accessorize with peep-toe bow pumps and a bling-y statement necklace in the same soft tones.  (Like the statement necklace I am wearing?? You can pick this necklace up at my shop!) In addition, I threw in a soft gray boyfriend cardigan for warmth and added style.  Don't forget to consider layering unexpected pieces together and accessorize with pieces that compliment your overall Valentine's Day date night look! 

I wish you a fabulous night with your favorite guy or girls, Fashionista! And remember, this holiday is about celebrating the fabulous you that you are!!! ok? Happy Valentine's Day!

Your Fashion Coach

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