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Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Reasons I Suddenly Love Scrubs...{Thank You, Jaanuu!}

Hey-HEY Fashionista!! It's your long lost friend....Amanda.  It's been a while, and I'm hoping I'll soon begin a post without a guilt-induced intro.  Because it's kinda sad that it's been forever ago since my last post! {GAhhhh!} 

Alright...I'm going to move forward. {siiighh.} 

Let me just make something clear (real quick): I'm not a nurse.  I'm not any kind of medical professional.  I am just in the medical field whipping up some social media magic and handling lots and lots of paperwork. 

This whole scrub thing, is new to me. Well, kinda.  But yeah. It's kinda new.  And I was really sad...(slightly irate) when I discovered I had to say *goodbye* to my office attire dream and wear shapeless, unflattering and SUPER unattractive.....scrubs instead.   I honest-to-God had a Phyllis Neffler meltdown (from the movie: Troop Beverly Hills).  You know, when she discovered what the girl scout troop leader uniform looked like! (Best part ever!) 

I went with this scrub death-sentence until one day the clouds parted and a fashionable scrub company landed on my radar: Jaanuu.  This game-changing company that designs contemporary and uber-flattering scrubs straight-up dazzled me out of my scrub-woes. Here are the 3 reason's why....

Reason #1. You can tell I'm a woman. ((Aka: They FLATTER.))

If you hate wearing shapeless scrubs, put on Jaanuu's scrubs, and you'll feel like you're wearing a tailored button-up blouse and fitted slacks! Didn't know that was possible! The way they've structurally designed the top and pants makes you feel like every curve on your body is treated with the five start treatment!  

Reason #2. They are FUNCTIONAL!!

The functionality of these scrubs reach above and beyond the call of duty.  Need an example? I can stuff my whole desk drawer in 5 (out of the 7) pockets available on the pants and top!  Just because they fit to flatter, doesn't mean they compromise on pocket space! 

Reason #3. They are FASHIONABLE!!

Just when you thought Jaanuu scrubs couldn't give you anymore, they did it.  The attention to detail is downright impressive.  My office must've 'oooh'ed and awwwed" over the gold zipper a hundred times.  What a classy statement!  AND, we also loved the drawstring ribbon as well as the polka dot detailing. The attention to feminine detail is amazing!

Okay, so the downfall? They're not Bargain-Betty prices.  The top is in the $40 zone.  Same as the pants.   BUT there's a reason for it.  They're designed to fit, flatter a woman's figure as well as perform in a functional manner that helps you do your medical job with ease! Which means?  Lots of time and attention to detail have went into designing these puppies.  

Besides. If you WERE working in an office environment, you'd spend far more money on suits, slacks, blouses and pumps than if you were buying 5 pairs of Jaanuu scrubs to rotate throughout the week.  

So I guess there are more than 3 reasons I suddenly love scrubs...ha!! Thank you Jaanuu!!

OH! I almost forgot: When you visit Jaannu's website, sign up for their newsletter and score 20% off your first purchase!!   Have a thought, feeling or opinion about these scrubs?? Let me know what you think of these below, Fashionista!! Or as always, email me!  ----> info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com! Wishing you a wonderful week!!

Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Do Classic Party Style On A Budget

Hey Fashionista!! I don't know what it's like to drip in Kate Spade dresses, or don a pair of Christian Louboutin heels (did I even spell that right???) or wear Tiffany jewelry. An occasional designer hand bag here and there seems to satisfy my thirst for luxury. But I DO know a thing (or two) about bargain shopping (but, um, not haggling. I've been told I'm a "salesman's dream." haha whatever!!) My specialty is picking out inexpensive clothes that appear pricier than they actually are. Not that I'd ever lie about the price. Just one compliment about my outfit makes me gush about how it was dirt cheap at some discount store! I'm kind of an open book -- for better or worse. ;) 

So, when I bought this navy blue strapless dream-of-a-dress for only $16 at Heavenly Couture (Downtown Manhattan Beach, CA) - I couldn't help but find other pieces to complete this classic look that were just as inexpensive as my dress! In fact, this entire look was only $50--- TOTAL!  I bet you can pull this same style off for the same price, Fashionista.  Read on to get all the details on how to do classic party style on a budget!

Find Your Favorite Discount Retailer....There are a hundred thousand retailers worldwide that provide head to toe inexpensive clothes, shoes and accessories that easily stick within a $50 budget.  You don't have to rely on ONE store. Mix it around. Pick and choose from large retailers to small independent local shops.  

My shoes are from Payless - and we're only $12.  My bracelet was from All Yoo - a local boutique in Manhattan Beach; priced at $14. My dress was from another local boutique called Heavenly Couture for only $16! My clutch? That was a gift from a friend. So that won't count in this equation. ;) BUT there are similar ones available for $20 (or less) at large retailers like Old Navy.  

Pick CLASSIC Pieces... Going for a strapless, knee-length dress in a DARK solid color instantly makes this a classic piece. One that could be mistaken for a high end garment.  So when you're scanning a store's inventory for the perfect classic piece, ask yourself: is it a rich color? As in dark, deep tones. Not superficial rich. lol Does this have a simple silhouette?? Is the color solid? Or a simple print? If you said yes to it all, then congratulations, you found yourself a keeper! this outfit was really, less than $50. Point is: If I created classic party style on a budget, you can TOO! I hope you take these two pieces of advice with you on your next shopping trip and make me proud! As always, I love hearing from you. Feel free to email me with your finds at info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com!  Wishing you a wonderful day, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 25, 2014

Going Out Look: Glammed Up Shorts + Top

Hey Fashionista!! I'm embarrassed. I haven't written a single post in, ohhhhhhh, 5 weeks, maybe?? I'm sorry for my lack of posts! Let me save you from a long list of excuses...and dive right into this fun going out look I put together this past weekend to dance the night away.  

Basically, I wasn't into wearing my trusty "go-to girly-girl" look to my favorite swanky upscale bar. Instead, I wanted something a little sultry,  a little glammed up but also comfortable.  (I can a girl shake it in on the dance floor when you're constantly fidgeting with an uncomfortable outfit?!)   

What I found delighted me so much 
that I HAD to share with you! 

Top: Heavenly Couture ($16) Manhattan Beach, CA | Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer ($69) Shop Bella, Manhattan Beach, CA | Nail Polish: Essie ($9) | Necklace: Etsy ($12)

Here are the pieces to complete this outfit combo: 
Oversized Button-Up Blouse 
(bonus points if it's sheer!)
Crochet Shorts + Statement Necklace + High Strappy Heels + Arm Candy

Why This Works? This particular outfit combination works because it's feminine (not overly sexy -- I'm not a fan of putting sexiness out there for everyone to see.  There's a time and place for that. ;) but it is a little more risque than your normal daytime ensemble -- oh, AND super comfortable too!  


This going out look works because of the textures and colors used in the top and the shorts.  I purposely used feminine colors like white and soft pink to accentuate the girliness that I so love.  And I added in pops of black to amp up the sultry appeal; added in silver accents to make it super chic.

Pay extra attention to the colors and textures you add to your outfit. Make them soft, like pink, but mix in blacks and lace to boost the allure.  It's evening time, so you CAN add sexy little pieces to this look and still maintain a tasteful standard. 

Now....Your Turn! Open up your closet or take a shopping trip! Find a pair of white crochet shorts.  Pair it with a loose, slightly oversized (and long) button up blouse.  Don't wear a tank underneath, just a pretty lingerie-esque bra -- trust me, it'll look tasteful.  ;)

Pair a metallic pair of heels and statement necklace with it and you're ready to go out!

I hope you enjoyed my take on this going out look: glammed up shorts + top! Please share this idea with any friends and ladies that might be stuck in a style rut and needs a pick-me-up!  Wishing you a fabulous week! 

Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Convert Your Dress into a Top

Hey Fashionista!! 
Seems like when I get excited and make plans (or promise) to do something, 
(like writing this blog post!)
I fall behind...a couple of days. 
(insert serious emoticon here.)
Ever have that happen?
Maybe it's a procrastination thing.
Maybe I get overly excited and worry I'll mess up. 
{Oh, the embarrassment!}
grrr! another sweet opportunity for an emoji!!
If you've noticed, please forgive me.. 
Life has been one large jackhammer...
Smashing my plans to pieces and delaying many things, like writing! 
The only thing is that I wish it were trivial plans that weren't panning out, like.. 
spilling on my white jeans
Or wearing red lipstick on my lips and my teeth. {oops!}
But, unfortunately, it's been big stuff like: going through a divorce, 
discovering who is really there for me.
And who couldn't give a crap....or, just likes dishing it out on me.
Oh, and finding my way again.
That's a big one.

The main point is...I am putting one Rainbow Sandal in front of the other (with the help of my loved ones!) and getting through this unpleasant transitional time. 
Blogging to you also helps keep me grounded and hopeful of a brighter future, when it feels like there isn't one. 
So thank for you that, Fashionista. :) 

Today I really wanted to share my most favorite style tip in my toolbox
that I've used about 10,546 times so far this summer
Check out how to convert your dress into a top. 

Dress from $54

First step is to grab a dress.
It could be your favorite one.
It can be a simple one.
Just make sure it defines your waist line or your bust line.
So, think, a-line dresses or empire waist dresses.

Also, grab a pair of shorts.
I LOVE using jean shorts.
But you can use any type. 
Just make sure they are short to lengthen those stems. ;)

Step'll want to tuck in the front of your dress
to the front of your shorts.
Leave about 2" hanging over the front of your shorts.

For the last step....
 grab the back of your dress and
tuck it into your shorts, 
leaving about 3" of fabric hanging over.
You'll want to leave it a little longer in the back
(and shorter in the front) to make a nice balance to your figure.

Taking these tips and learning how to convert your dress into a top, 
will give new life to your style and allow more room to style yourself up
for many different occasions.
The best part is that it's pretty much free!
You already have dresses and shorts in your closet. All you have to do is re-mix them together. I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for listening to my life story!
I wish you a wonderful 4th of July holiday, Fashionista!

Love (& Fireworks) ;)
Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do's & Don't's of Hats + Dresses for Summer

Hey Fashionista! 
I am doing the freaking 'happy dance' now that SUMMER is FINALLY HERE!
This year I'm much more excited about summer since
I moved back to my beach-y hometown a few months ago!
No longer do I have to put up with insufferable summer days cooling off inside 
watching my money fly away to the electric company.

Nope! I am now able to freely play in the cool sunshine once again 
and still know,...alive and with money in my pocket! {Double Win!}

You can imagine what all this positive turn of events is doing for my blogging. 
I get to experiment with all types of styles to wear for summer!
Oh, and let me tell ya....the choices and options are endless.
However, I kept going back to this 
effortless, stylish and comfortable combo 
that is perfect for hot summer days (and nights!!) 
Check out the 
"Do's & Don't's of Hats + Dresses for Summer" 
so you can try this style out too!

It's all about the dress, Fashionista!
The perfect type of dress that work with hats  are
empire waistline dresses.
((Like mine above!))
Flow-y are even better.  
Bonus points for hippy/boho elements
(like the crochet detailing at the bottom of my dress!)

Don't wear a prom dress or any other floor-length gown lol ;)
Any dress too structured won't work for this look either.
Keep it light, unstructured and flow-y, 
like the summer wind. ;)

Do wear sandals! 
Tennis shoes like, Converse (aka "Chucks") 
work well with this look too.
The point is to look casual by keeping this area simple.

Nothing fancy is needed. 
So shelve your wedges and super adorned flip flops for another look.
This style is best kept simple and a little tom boy-ish. ;)

Do wear boho-style jewelry:
Gold! (Duh.) 
Long necklaces.
And snazzy gold rings. 
Again, keep it simple, 
And light.
Sparkle is definitely a must.

Use super chunky jewelry. 
Always keep it dainty.

So, Fashionista! All you need to do is concentrate on these three areas in order to achieve a stylish and effortless summer look when wearing hats + dresses this season. You can do so much with this outfit combo and look super cute while doing them! As always, I love seeing how you style yourself up with these pointers. Feel free to email your final look to me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com - or post it on my Facebook page:! 
Wishing you a wonderful first week of Summer!!
See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, June 9, 2014

4 Tops to {Always} Wear With A Skirt

Necklace: J. Crew | Peplum Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: LOFT | Shoes: Forever 21

1. A Pep{lum} Top

Why? Because not only does the fit flatter your figure, it also amps up the style factor of your overall look.  Save this combo for a fancier occasion, like a wedding, fancy dinner out on the town, or whenever you want to feel like a princess. ;)

Top: Gap | Necklace: My Online Shop | Belt: LOFT | Shoes: Payless

2. A Button-{Up} Top

Why? Because it looks casual, feels comfortable and creates a relaxed look for the office. 
Always remember to tuck this top in at the waistline to highlight your waistline! ;)

Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Cardigan + Tank: LOFT | Shoes: Payless

3. A Cardi{gan} Combo

Why? Because it gives a conservative/polished spin that wins over your future employer at a job interview. Or if say you're meeting your significant other's parents for the first time. ;) Again, make sure you tuck both pieces in at the waistline!

4. A Cami{sole}

Why? Because it's the EASIEST top to pair with a skirt such as this one. And it makes the best style statement for a first date, or dancing the night away with your girls! 

Make sure you add a pop of color with accessories like I did with a red floral pin, platforms and sweater!   

I {always} trust these 4 pieces to pump up the style when wearing a skirt. If you're using a full skirt like mine above, you'll always have four tops to change out your look at any time for most occasions.  However, if your skirt is a different style, keep in mind not all of these options will work. But try them anyway to see for yourself! Play with the look and you're bound to find a winning combination.  :) 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the 4 tops to {always} wear with a skirt!

 Until next time....have a beautiful week, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two Bikini Tops You Must Try This Month!

Hey Fashionista! Last week I came face-to-face with a less than pretty situation. Ok, no, I'm lying. It was a horrifying situation. What exactly was unsettling? Confronting my swimwear drawer.  I know. I sound like I'm over-reacting, but let me just tell you a little bit about the suit combinations I've collected over the years...and then maybe you'll believe me.

My not-so-favorite piece in the pile was an *ultra* pink sequin triangle top that closely resembled snake skin so brilliantly that you couldn't help but imagine a stripper wearing it for the 'floor show.'  Was I drunk when I bought it? No. But maybe I should've told you I was so I could save myself the humiliation I'm feeling right about NOW. LoL!

Or how about this one: a worn-out flag bikini with the bottoms so stretched out that it could easily fit the bumper of my car?? YEP! So not kidding. And to clarify: at no point did I ever weigh 3 tons. (I think Old Navy's swimwear quality just least for this bikini.) 

See..told ya! Not a pretty situation.

I assure you though, I didn't drink a bottle of wine and slink into the corner to wallow over my bad swimwear choices. No. Instead I shopped for fresh and exciting new bikinis from my trusted fashionable bikini source: Victoria's Secret Swim catalog!! 

In the process of shopping for new pieces, I actually found a way to make it budget-friendly and super stylish for all to wear! 

Among the many fabulous choices presented in this lovely publication (that didn't involve stripper-pink snake skin) I found two fabulous bikini tops you must try this month with your favorite pair of bikini bottoms.  

So the fringe bikini top has been in-style for a while now.  What makes it more fun and current is wearing it on a halter top.  

I ordered this in light blue and I couldn't be happier. The blue reminds me of a Tiffany-blue. I mean....who doesn't love "Tiffany blue?" It's a gorgeous color! And goes with other various prints and colors as well.  

I love how comfortable and supportive it is. I definitely recommend putting this top on your shopping list this month! Oh, and the best part is that it's only $28.50!

The last top I'm in love with is the "Flounce Halter" top.  I have yet to get this. Actually, I might hop on and purchase it when I'm through typing this blog! The style is so refreshing and adorable. It reminds me of wearing a pretty ruffle-y dress in the spring.  I can't imagine it not looking lovely with various types of bikini bottoms as well. This top also starts at $28.50!

Both of these tops are refreshing and are worthy of your attention! What's even more fantastic is that they're budget-friendly. So don't worry if your wallet is a little tight this month. Just grab your favorite style and remix it with your favorite bottoms to stay on point this summer. :)
I hope you enjoyed reading my take on the two bikini tops you must try this month! Let me know which top you'd most want to try this summer below or by email @ info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com!  Wishing you a fabulously fun (and short!!) week!!

Your Fashion Coach

Main Photo Credit: 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Red, White & Blue Sales Event

Visit my shop @!

Hey Fashionista!! Memorial Weekend is HERE!! To celebrate this occasion (& the 3-day weekend), I wanted to offer 20% off all merchandise at my shop - all weekend long - (or while supplies last). Whichever comes first!

That means, all *J.Crew-inspired Bubble Necklaces are now $24! Everyday gold necklaces are as low as $12! And earrings are as low as $8! 

Be sure to check out all the goodies you can score for your wardrobe!! 

And, of course, if you have ANY questions on any of the items listed in my shop, please shoot me an email at info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com! I'll have my phone on me and access to email instantly, so I will get back to you in a flash!

Again, my shop address is: OR click "Visit My Shop" at the top right hand corner of my blog for direct access!

Wishing you a beautiful and safe weekend my friend!! 

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Dress Glamorously Casual for Memorial Day!

Hey Fashionista!! Most people are skeptical of the idea of mixing casual style with glamorous elements. They are meant to be separate, right? Not exactly. How do I know this? From real-life experience.  Which consists of endless hours spent elbows-deep in my closet "cross-styling" (as I like to call it) casual and fancy pieces. And then wearing them out to various types of places.  So far, most reactions I receive are positive. Can't mistake great feedback. ;) But seriously, bending the rules and mixing unlikely pieces are the essence to fresh and exciting style.  And not being afraid to, maybe stand out from the crowd too! :) 

Anyway! Now that one of my favorite holidays is coming up this weekend -- (hello 3-day weekend!!) I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how to dress glamorously casual for Memorial Day! It might sound strange, it might sound difficult. But it's really fun and easy!  Allow me to show you how below!

1. Start w/the Basics!
{Collared Plaid Top: | Jean Shorts: Old Navy | Belt:}

You know how you have that great pair of cut-off jean shorts in your closet? Grab those! They will work perfectly with a collared plaid shirt - preferably in red, white or blue to enhance the patriotic theme of Memorial Day.

2. Layer.
{Shoes: Madden Girl @}

I like to think of accessorizing as a two-step process.  The first step to layering is thinking of your shoes and your items like belts, or scarves, etc.  Since we're wearing jean shorts and a collared shirt, check out your belts. Your basic brown or black belt will anchor this casual, patriotic look very well.  

Once you've grabbed that it's time for the next layer of accessorizing...

3. Jewels!
{White Bubble Necklace: My Shop ( | Gold Watch: Ann Klein @ Nordstrom | Large Jeweled Bracelet: All Yoo Boutique Manhattan Beach, CA | 
Small Beaded Bracelet: Gift from my Bestie!}

To increase the glam-factor of this casual ensemble, I incorporated big jewels, like this white bubble necklace (now available at my shop!) and chunky (yet sparkly) jeweled bracelets. It's like the icing to the cake, don't ya think? ;) What sparkly bracelets do you have on hand? Do you have a pretty gold watch to go with it? Play around with sparkly jewels and beads to glisten up your casual look.

Now that you learned my tips on how to dress glamorously casual for Memorial Day, go out and have a fabulous time!! But please, please, please be SAFE too, ok? Wishing you a wonderful week, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 12, 2014

3 Reasons Backpacks are Fabulous This Season

Hey Fashionista!! This past week I stopped into Diane's Beachwear to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. (Oh, there's a silly question!)) If you've ever been in one of their several locations in Southern California, you'll know what I mean when I say: it's dangerous.  The lines blur between
"want" and "need." Nothing is logical when their merchandise (I'm talkin': bikinis, hats, sunglasses, dresses and accessories) glisten like diamonds! ;) 

Just when I thought all logic was lost, I somehow managed to reign myself back in with the question of: what do I really need from the 1,800 things piled up in my hands? 

One thing popped out and captured my attention: this pink and white Volcom backpack. I know. You're probably wondering why a backpack would capture a 30 year old's attention, when high school is long gone.  But, since this new transition I've been going through, I've been re-situating my lifestyle, which also includes reconfiguring my wardrobe.  

During this process, I've discovered the unique (and fun) benefits of this accessory and wanted to share with you my 3 reasons backpacks are fabulous this season and why you should think about using one. 

Peep out my insight below :) 

1. Backpacks are way cuter than when you were in high school!

Remember how in high school you had only a few choice options to chose from the Jansport collection? Black, red, blue or green...and occasionally: purple.  Yuck.  They were so dull.  Nowadays, I've noticed more prints and millions of options that suit my taste and style much better.  

My new backpack is from Diane's Beachwear in Manhattan Beach, CA and made from Volcom for $42.00.  I adore this beach-y print and the overall pink and white color scheme. It just puts a smile on my face every time I put it on. :) 

What type of prints and colors light you up?

Once you know, find it!  

2. Backpacks are more comfortable than your purse (and hold all of your essentials!)

My life revolves around walking or bike riding now that I live back in my hometown by the beach.  I constantly want to be outside to inhale that salty cool breeze. Yum! The weather is warm, the skies are clear and everyone's just freakin' happy.  ((Oh, and it helps that the beach is less than a mile away!))  All this outdoor activity doesn't really accommodate wearing my favorite large tote.  

In fact, my shoulder falls off every time I try.  

All of my essentials- like: my wallet, water, snack, sweater, chapstick, and if my pup comes with me, her little doggy bags and water too - easily fit into my backpack and is easy to carry around wherever I go. Shoulder included.

So, when I spotted this cute printed Volcom backpack at Diane's Beachwear, I realized how it would hold all of my things while out there walking or bike riding on beautiful days.  

3. Backpacks bring out the youthful side in you!

Now that we're past the backpack stigma, I can tell you that backpacks bring out the free spirit in me. And I'm guessing it will do the same for you too.  Especially buy one in a happy print and lovely hues that will help you look stylish while participating in outdoor activities on a beautiful day.  

So, Fashionista, now I've gotta ask: what do you think of my 3 reasons backpacks are fabulous this season? Have they convinced you to try it? Maybe this weekend? While out bike riding? Let me know! Leave a comment below or email me at info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com! 

As always, I wish you a beautiful and stylish week! 

Your Fashion Coach  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trend to Try: Shift Dress + {Beach} Sandals

Hey Fashionista!  Over the weekend I went out with my girlfriends to our favorite beach bar in the neighborhood. At this local watering-hole, ladies typically wear jeans, t-shirts, heels and, sometimes, beach sandals as well. However, I was in no mood to be 100% casual. I was totally enraptured by my desire to dress up!  But of course my head interfered with its buzz-kill warning signals, incessantly conveying its point to create a look that accommodates the bar's casual scene.  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My head is right. If I wore platform heels, I'd look like I came straight from a club in Hollywood, or from some swanky, high-end restaurant just up the street. In which case, someone would surely suggest I go back there as opposed to hanging out at a dive! Or...maybe, that would just be ME telling myself that. ;)

In any case, I got interested in satisfying my heart's desire and my head's concerns, so my search lead me to this white eyelet {shift} dress (that had been screaming for a night out for the past several days).  My gut insisted I pair it with my beach sandals...and I totally was unsure. Which is how you know it's your intuition speaking. You always doubt it! :) Once I slipped my Rainbow Sandals on, it actually came together nicely.   

Sounds strange, right?

I know... and the fact that this is also: a.) maybe the 3rd blog post I mention Rainbow Sandals. and, b.) maybe the only time I am not suggesting you to wear wedges (flats or heels!) with a dress is odd! Especially this time of year!  But here's why though - and this is where my analytic point of view to styling comes in: This particular outing takes place in a casual setting, yet it's evening time, so you can bend the rules a bit the way I did.  So if this were a math equation (lol) a shift dress (which is dressy) + beach sandals (which are casual) = perfect fit the 'dive bar" scene. 

AND about my second point...Rainbow Sandals are going to be my favorite sandal for any type of occasion.  Always. Just plain and simple. And, no, Rainbow Sandals is not paying me to state this. I'm just a big fan of their sandals! But if they would like to pay me for saying this, I would not object whatsoever. :0) However they are neutral and can be worn with just about every color out there.

This trend is a must try because it not only will work for casual bar settings. It will also work for other casual events such as picnics in the park, picnics on the beach, or beach weddings! In other words, anywhere that is perfectly acceptable to dress up but takes place in an outdoor or casual setting will easily call for this kind of outfit.

Overall, this little trick marries fancy with casual together beautifully to create a unique, one-of-a-kinda look.  Put this in your book as a trend to try! Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4 Ways to Style Trucker Hats for Spring!

Hey Fashionista! Now that we're in the middle of spring (and well on our way to summer!) I  figured you might be looking for new and exciting ways to update your weekend-wear to, maybe, something a little more dazzling?  I mean, who doesn't like spicing up their look when a new season is upon us? I know I do! :)  

In case you haven't already met....I wanted to introduce you to the best accessory on earth: the trucker hat! Yes. They looked cheesy back in the 80's. By no means, were they considered fabulous. But I assure you, Fashionista, they have been redeemed AND are winning me over! (Take it from this girl... who has had a love affair with hats since I could crawl into my dad's hat stash!)  


Now that you understand my take on hats.... :) Here are 4 ways to style trucker hats for spring! --- Be sure to check out my cute little co-bloggers below, who came up with their spin on trucker hat fashion! 

Hat: From E.T. Surf in Hermosa Beach, CA | Brand: Roxy

Aztec prints are ahhh-mazing right now. Especially on skirts.  My thought was to mix a an Aztec-printed tank and skirt to capture the playfulness of the spring season, while pulling off a tom-boy trucker hat in a feminine way for day or night.  Catch all that? ;) So, I want you to Try mixing a trucker hat with your favorite skirt and tank! Don't be afraid to use bold colors or prints here.  It will add new spice to your outfit. :)

The second look is geared toward my jeans-and-t-shirt-wearing Fashionistas.  It may sound cliche, but jeans and a t-shirt are so comfortable! But they don't have to be boring or frumpy.  I liked pairing this fitted tank (from Old Navy) and wearing it with a similar colored cardigan.  Since it's warming up over here in Southern California, I threw on my favorite Rainbow sandals (or "bows" as my friend calls them ;) instead! This look is perfect for weekend day time fun or running errands - whichever you prefer!

Green Hat: From Nikau Kai | Black Hat: Roxy

The last two looks come courtesy of my niece Kaela and her BFF, Angie. They've come up with two extra ways to wear a trucker hat fashionably this season. Jeans shorts and crop tops (with converse, of course!) are fabulous choices for warmer and longer days. And is the easiest and most common outfit to wear with trucker hats.  Always, always throw in a print if your trucker hat isn't busy, like the green one Angie is wearing on the left.  

Kaela paired her hat with a cute double-slit maxi-skirt and a tube top. This is also very fun and feminine for spring. It can look great for nights spent on the beach, lake or river with your favorite peeps and wanting to look a little more dressy.  

I'll admit, at first I thought trucker hats looked silly and went with nothing. But the more I played around with them (and noticed how my favorite surf brands were starting to design them in a girl-friendly-way!) the more I fell for these babies.  They're so much more stylish!

I hope we inspired you with our 4 ways to style trucker hats for spring!  Do you have a fave? Let us know in the comment section below! Or as always, email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com - I love hearing from you!  Wishing you a wonderful day under the sun!

Your Fashion Coach
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