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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tulle Skirt

Hey Fashionista! 
We've officially entered DECEMBER!
I can finally come out of the closet and 
celebrate Christmas without criticism. ;)
Like last year, I'm beginning each week in December with a 
holiday style tip that will help you look fabulous during the holiday party season.
Everything I'm suggesting is what I've concocted from my own wardrobe 
and find easy, affordable AND comfortable to wear.
(because....I'm a hardcore believer in comfortable clothing for every occasion...
even on your wedding day!!)
Yes, I'm that serious. ;)
So now that we got that squared away..
let's carry on to my first holiday post of the season: The Tulle Skirt!

If there's one piece worth buying for holiday parties this month that will fulfill multiple purposes/functions, it would be a tulle skirt. The tulle skirt to me is like denim jeans. You can dress it up or dress it down.  Add a blazer, or a white t-shirt.  Wear pumps, or converse. They go with just about everything.  

When shopping for a tulle skirt, make sure it fits your waistline - not your hips.  That way it creates a lovely hourglass shape that I'm always preaching about in my posts. Because truth be told, you have a beautiful figure. Wearing a skirt that fits your waistline will only ENHANCE it. ;)

Accessorize with a belt when you can.  It can be a bright color, like red, or sparkley, or in a metal tone, like gold.  Whenever I'm wearing a waistline skirt or pants or shorts that highlights my waistline, I like to add a belt to further accentuate that area.  And add loads of style to my look. 

Tights are always a fabulous choice during the winter season.  It will most likely be cold where you're at, so tights will keep you warm and stylish. I liked contrasting my blush pink tulle skirt with black nylons and black pumps. It gave it a fancy glamorous look.  
You can go with black or a nude color - or even have fun with a color or print!

Have fun with your top too.  Make it colorful or come alive in a nice print.  You really can't go wrong. Most tops flatter this skirt. In fact, go pull out your 3 favorite tops from your closet right now.  I guarantee it will go with your tulle skirt and look glamorous for your holiday party.  

All in all, if there's ONE item of clothing that will WORK for your holiday look, 
be as versatile as denim, 
it would be the tulle skirt. 
Dress it up with your best jewels,
your favorite blouse,
and a pair of tights and you will be set to go to your
holiday parties!!
I hope you enjoyed today's post, Fashionista!
Happy Holidays!

Your Fashion Coach

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