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Monday, December 30, 2013

One Style Tip for Your NYE Ensemble

Hey Fashionista! Are you ready for tomorrow's countdown to the new year?? Lord knows I am. I can't wait to celebrate 2014 so I can feel optimistic about the future again. :) Every new occasion or holiday on the horizon always brings up the question: "What will I wear?" Usually some sort of dress comes to mind - at least, for me.  But it sometimes feels a little 'been-there-done-that.'  I crave variety in the 'style department!' -- always! So I thought about how I can add extra style 'oomph' to my dress combination.  Not only add oomph, but also add a bit of warmth to a chilly New Year's Eve night would be nice! As I was having a meltdown in my closet about what to wear tomorrow night and also what tip would help you out! I found this one style tip for your NYE ensemble that satisfied my curiosity! 

Read below for full details!

Look in your closet! You know all of those adorable button-up collared shirts and cardigans you have in your closet?  Pull them out (your favorite ones) and layer both on top of that dress that's dying for a night out.

For accessories: Pick either a fancy, sparkle-y belt  to place at the waistline of the dress or a fancy statement necklace to anchor this look down. I loved wearing my white bubble necklace with my Loft cardigan and button-up blouse.

Look in the back of your closet!! Do you have a pair of bridesmaid shoes in the back of your closet? Those can be worn too! I wore mine from my BFF's wedding - mmmm, about 5 years ago! But they totally worked with my navy blue and white polka dot dress (from Delias!!) 

This one style tip for your NYE ensemble will create a one-of-a-kind style statement at your New Year's Eve party tomorrow night.  And why wouldn't you want that? Being uniquely you has a pretty great perk: knowing you'll be the only one wearing that exact outfit among the crowd.  ;) Sweet, huh? Wishing you the BEST year yet, Fashionista! Stay safe and have a wonderful time! Lots of love to you!!

Your Fashion Coach

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