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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dress Comfortably Fancy for Christmas Parties!

Hey Fashionista!!
Lately, I'm all about feeling stylishly comfortable in all aspects of my attire,
especially Christmas party attire!
While gathering outfits together for upcoming events, 
I've figured out a few ways you can fake 
fanciness without all that unneeded fuss that comes with looking gorgeous! 
Anything too fussy or demanding just doesn't float my boat. 
And doesn't HAVE to float yours either.
So here are my tips to dress comfortably fancy
 for Christmas parties!

Wear Cotton (or Cashmere).
My little black dress (pictured above) is 100% cotton. And it is theeee comfiest LBD I own.  Because of its v-neck and structured looking features, it can pass for a fancy dress for a semi-casual Christmas party.  

My cardigan sweater is also made of super soft cotton and cashmere (which feels amazingggg on the skin). It totally passes as a fancy cover up because of the extra flirty details, like the uneven hem that's reminiscent of a ruffle-y dress.  
(Which brings me to my next point)...
is in the right color.

Wear Rich Bold Colors.
If you have a dress with structured details in a soft material, then make sure it's in a rich bold color, like black or red. No one will ever notice that you're wearing a pajama-like ensemble, as long as it's in a vibrant hue.  

Wear Flats. 
When I say flats, I mean any shoe that is flat, like regular flats or even flat boots.
They are so comfortable and the great thing is that there are so many flats out there beautifully embellished in fashionable sequins, multiple colors and prints that will look dazzling with your party outfit! 

Add pattern.
I loved adding bits of pattern to my scarf and my tights. 
The texture and color pop makes a solid-colored dress and cardigan more stylish.
If you find yourself with a solid colored dress and sweater combination,
add pattern to your accessories - like a scarf, tights, your handbag, or shoes for a fancy affect!

So, Miss that you know my secrets on how to dress comfortably fancy for Christmas parties, use them! Implement them so you don't have to waste your time pulling on your super hot (but way uncomfortable) dress that will only infringe upon your lovely Christmas party time. :)

Your Fashion Coach

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