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Monday, December 30, 2013

One Style Tip for Your NYE Ensemble

Hey Fashionista! Are you ready for tomorrow's countdown to the new year?? Lord knows I am. I can't wait to celebrate 2014 so I can feel optimistic about the future again. :) Every new occasion or holiday on the horizon always brings up the question: "What will I wear?" Usually some sort of dress comes to mind - at least, for me.  But it sometimes feels a little 'been-there-done-that.'  I crave variety in the 'style department!' -- always! So I thought about how I can add extra style 'oomph' to my dress combination.  Not only add oomph, but also add a bit of warmth to a chilly New Year's Eve night would be nice! As I was having a meltdown in my closet about what to wear tomorrow night and also what tip would help you out! I found this one style tip for your NYE ensemble that satisfied my curiosity! 

Read below for full details!

Look in your closet! You know all of those adorable button-up collared shirts and cardigans you have in your closet?  Pull them out (your favorite ones) and layer both on top of that dress that's dying for a night out.

For accessories: Pick either a fancy, sparkle-y belt  to place at the waistline of the dress or a fancy statement necklace to anchor this look down. I loved wearing my white bubble necklace with my Loft cardigan and button-up blouse.

Look in the back of your closet!! Do you have a pair of bridesmaid shoes in the back of your closet? Those can be worn too! I wore mine from my BFF's wedding - mmmm, about 5 years ago! But they totally worked with my navy blue and white polka dot dress (from Delias!!) 

This one style tip for your NYE ensemble will create a one-of-a-kind style statement at your New Year's Eve party tomorrow night.  And why wouldn't you want that? Being uniquely you has a pretty great perk: knowing you'll be the only one wearing that exact outfit among the crowd.  ;) Sweet, huh? Wishing you the BEST year yet, Fashionista! Stay safe and have a wonderful time! Lots of love to you!!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Create A Christmas Party Outfit From Your Closet

Hey Fashionista!!! 
Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!! We're only two days away from Christmas and perhaps your biggest parties are still before you?  If that sounds right and you're not interested in spending more money on a party outfit but need one, stress no more! I've pulled together my party-ready ensemble from my closet - (well, except for the peplum top I bought from Forever 21 the other day) so you can create a spectacular Christmas party outfit from yours, too! 

Mix & Match & Layer

This outfit is actually mixed and layered with a dress. My favorite sequin peplum top (from Forever 21) slipped right over my white dress (from Victoria's Secret) without a fuss.  This idea isn't so mainstream, but it is worth considering when you are conserving cash.  Many dresses can look like beautiful skirts as long as the top portion of the dress is basic and plain.  Can you imagine wearing a top over a ruffled-top dress? It wouldn't work out so well - aesthetically speaking. :)  

Bring on the sparkle. 
You know how Halloween is that one time of year you can dress however the hell you want and be whoever the hell you want to be? That's what Christmas is like to me - except instead of a costume, it involves sequins!  Wherever you can incorporate sequins into your ensemble - the better. For me it was my peplum top.  But it can be your pumps, your skirt, a cardigan or your clutch! The sky isn't the limit here....and there's no such thing as too much sparkle during the holiday season. ;)

Keep it classy, babe. 
I love classic colors like black and white during the Christmas season.  As I've mentioned before, it looks fancier than maybe, it actually is.  So narrow down your major pieces to those colors. Black tops, black skirts, black dress, or white too.  If you're more comfortable with pants, look for them in those colors.  

Scrounge Your Accessories.
Ok, so we've met.  You know I'm an accessories girl.  I even have an accessories shop to prove my love. (haha)  There's a reason for this: accessories change up the look of an outfit EASILY and with hardly any money invested at all.  So, really play up this part of your outfit.  I loved adding a red flower pin to my red belt.  Just because an accessory comes a certain way, doesn't mean you can't add to it, like I did with my belt and flower. 

Also! Don't forget about adding color to your nails.  I'm wearing my favorite red polish with this look! Shoes can also display pops of color too.  Include scarves into your accessory plan. I often wear it like a statement necklace at parties because it's freakin' cold (at least at night) this time of year.  

So, Fashionista, here are my tips on how to create a spectacular Christmas party outfit from your closet.  If you find yourself without any sparkley items, I give you permission to shop at Forever21 where you'll spend the maximum of $20 on a sparkley piece.  Otherwise, you're totally set with the clothes you already have! Style it up and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Fashionista.  Lots of love to you and your family!!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, December 16, 2013

3 Stylish Posts to Crank Up The Holiday Glam

Hey Fashionista! One thing I've noticed when looking back at posts I've written years ago, is that I go back and use the tips I've shared time and time again.  The reason for this is that most of the information I've written is what I use as the foundation for my style.  It works no matter what season it is or what style you're currently loving.  So, for this week I wanted to help (in the style dept of course!) by sharing my favorite 3 stylish posts to crank up the holiday glam for your full week of parties! 

Check out my 3 favorite posts below for the full rundown!

1.  How to Dress for a Semi-Casual Holiday Party! My fool-proof ways to dress for that tricky semi-casual holiday party - (what type of clothing does that entail anyway?)

2. One Big Secret to [Having] a Stylish Holiday Party! How to look flawless when getting ready for your holiday party -- with no stress added! 

3.  Holiday Party Staple Accessories! And lastly, how to pull off a fabulous mix of accessories without over-doing it.  

I hope you enjoy these posts (with a cup of hot chocolate!) and use them for your upcoming holiday parties!! And if you find yourself stuck with a style dilemma, email me! Info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com!  Wishing you a week full of holiday magic, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dress Comfortably Fancy for Christmas Parties!

Hey Fashionista!!
Lately, I'm all about feeling stylishly comfortable in all aspects of my attire,
especially Christmas party attire!
While gathering outfits together for upcoming events, 
I've figured out a few ways you can fake 
fanciness without all that unneeded fuss that comes with looking gorgeous! 
Anything too fussy or demanding just doesn't float my boat. 
And doesn't HAVE to float yours either.
So here are my tips to dress comfortably fancy
 for Christmas parties!

Wear Cotton (or Cashmere).
My little black dress (pictured above) is 100% cotton. And it is theeee comfiest LBD I own.  Because of its v-neck and structured looking features, it can pass for a fancy dress for a semi-casual Christmas party.  

My cardigan sweater is also made of super soft cotton and cashmere (which feels amazingggg on the skin). It totally passes as a fancy cover up because of the extra flirty details, like the uneven hem that's reminiscent of a ruffle-y dress.  
(Which brings me to my next point)...
is in the right color.

Wear Rich Bold Colors.
If you have a dress with structured details in a soft material, then make sure it's in a rich bold color, like black or red. No one will ever notice that you're wearing a pajama-like ensemble, as long as it's in a vibrant hue.  

Wear Flats. 
When I say flats, I mean any shoe that is flat, like regular flats or even flat boots.
They are so comfortable and the great thing is that there are so many flats out there beautifully embellished in fashionable sequins, multiple colors and prints that will look dazzling with your party outfit! 

Add pattern.
I loved adding bits of pattern to my scarf and my tights. 
The texture and color pop makes a solid-colored dress and cardigan more stylish.
If you find yourself with a solid colored dress and sweater combination,
add pattern to your accessories - like a scarf, tights, your handbag, or shoes for a fancy affect!

So, Miss that you know my secrets on how to dress comfortably fancy for Christmas parties, use them! Implement them so you don't have to waste your time pulling on your super hot (but way uncomfortable) dress that will only infringe upon your lovely Christmas party time. :)

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tulle Skirt

Hey Fashionista! 
We've officially entered DECEMBER!
I can finally come out of the closet and 
celebrate Christmas without criticism. ;)
Like last year, I'm beginning each week in December with a 
holiday style tip that will help you look fabulous during the holiday party season.
Everything I'm suggesting is what I've concocted from my own wardrobe 
and find easy, affordable AND comfortable to wear.
(because....I'm a hardcore believer in comfortable clothing for every occasion...
even on your wedding day!!)
Yes, I'm that serious. ;)
So now that we got that squared away..
let's carry on to my first holiday post of the season: The Tulle Skirt!

If there's one piece worth buying for holiday parties this month that will fulfill multiple purposes/functions, it would be a tulle skirt. The tulle skirt to me is like denim jeans. You can dress it up or dress it down.  Add a blazer, or a white t-shirt.  Wear pumps, or converse. They go with just about everything.  

When shopping for a tulle skirt, make sure it fits your waistline - not your hips.  That way it creates a lovely hourglass shape that I'm always preaching about in my posts. Because truth be told, you have a beautiful figure. Wearing a skirt that fits your waistline will only ENHANCE it. ;)

Accessorize with a belt when you can.  It can be a bright color, like red, or sparkley, or in a metal tone, like gold.  Whenever I'm wearing a waistline skirt or pants or shorts that highlights my waistline, I like to add a belt to further accentuate that area.  And add loads of style to my look. 

Tights are always a fabulous choice during the winter season.  It will most likely be cold where you're at, so tights will keep you warm and stylish. I liked contrasting my blush pink tulle skirt with black nylons and black pumps. It gave it a fancy glamorous look.  
You can go with black or a nude color - or even have fun with a color or print!

Have fun with your top too.  Make it colorful or come alive in a nice print.  You really can't go wrong. Most tops flatter this skirt. In fact, go pull out your 3 favorite tops from your closet right now.  I guarantee it will go with your tulle skirt and look glamorous for your holiday party.  

All in all, if there's ONE item of clothing that will WORK for your holiday look, 
be as versatile as denim, 
it would be the tulle skirt. 
Dress it up with your best jewels,
your favorite blouse,
and a pair of tights and you will be set to go to your
holiday parties!!
I hope you enjoyed today's post, Fashionista!
Happy Holidays!

Your Fashion Coach

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