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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Style Boots With Boot Socks

Hey Fashionista!

I think I have a bit of a reputation as the 'angry lady' who rants about the disappointing weather in Southern California. I've mentioned it on Instagram ohhhhh a few dozen times; even listed all the reasons why I can't wait for cold weather to arrive, and outed my vendetta against 80 degree November days. Haha. So, if I've given off that impression, then ok. It's not far from the truth. LoL Why? Because I LOVE, love, love the fall and winter season.  And this one isn't living up to the kind of weather I favor this time of year. (Maybe I should move to the east coast? Ha! jk. :) 

So, while it's shooting into the 80's today, I'm going to imagine it's cooler and share with you my favorite images taken from my Pinterest hunt that will guide you on how to style your boots with boot socks! 

Okay...I lied. 
This one isn't from Pinterest.
It's my #ootd (outfit of the day)!
A fun combo to try!
Grab a pair of stripe socks 
(in your choice of color!)
UGG Boots
Looks great with any type of bottoms:
denim, leggings, shorts, or skirt.
{{Oh, and as mentioned above, it was 82 today
and below zero in my house.
So this was the outfit that made fashionable sense to me. 
Hence my laughter.

I'm all about frills and lace.
Especially when it's peeking a few inches above your boots. 
It's such a fun flirty way (in my opinion)
to show off your girly side.
Boot socks from 

Basic boot socks are super important.
They go with any type of boot.
While I have a pair in white, I say...
Bold is better.
Try a deep purple. 
Or a pop of blue!
While this link leads to nowheresville on Pinterest,
Foot Traffic - my favorite accessory shop,
carries an array of these boot socks for cheap!

Short lace-up boots can benefit 
from boot socks too.
Heavy knits are not only warm, 
but fun too.
Don't forget a pair when 
wearing these type of boots!

Colorblock boot socks are uber cute too.
I like how this Fashionista wore them in such a way
that you can see both shades together.
Makes footwear extra fancy-schmancy.
Again, don't forget boot socks with these kind of boots!
You'll be missing out on a style opportunity here!

High boot socks with short boots.
a DO.
While I've never tried this one before, 
I feel inclined to do so this season. 

As you can see, there are several ways to bring high style to an everyday piece, like boots.  The added benefit of styling your boots with boot socks is that you're creating a different look each time.  Never looking the same and always keeping 'em guessing.  So don't fret if you can't afford a ton of new boots. Just stock up on boot socks and tights to make them fresh each time! I hope you're enjoying boot sock weather wherever this post may find you!! And enjoy it for me too! ;)  See you next time!

Your Fashion Coach

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