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Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Buy Everything You Want Without Breaking The Bank

Hey Fashionista!  Now that 'Black Friday' and the holiday shopping season are about to commence, I want to share my favorite tip that will show you how to buy everything you want without breaking the bank.  It's one of my favorite shopping tricks that leaves me feeling satisfied with my shopping ventures every time!  But let me stop right there and acknowledge what you MUST be feeling.  This idea sounds like a load of crap, right? Haha Right. It's okay, if you think so. But let me assure you that there's something in my post today that might catch you by surprise. So stay with me.  


When you're shopping at the most delicious store where you could devour everything off the shelves, I want you to actually GIVE IN and GRAB EVERYTHING your heart desires. 

Unleash the little kid inside of you that dove right for the jelly beans and gum balls at the candy store. Go crazy. Get everything that makes your heart sing. The flirty frocks, the sparkley cardigan, the perfect pair of jeans.  Even the last pair of flats and cocktail ring. THEN...take it all into the dressing room.  

This may seem like counter-intuitive advice...or an ass backwards way of thinking that's guaranteed to leave you in debt or homeless, but trust me, I've got a little trick up my sleeve that will reel you back in...

Here's where the magic begins....


This process is a lot like try stuff on to see if it's a good fit.  Some might look okay, some might not flatter, but there's always that one piece that'll make your eyes light up.  So...take everything into the dressing room and let the dating...I mean, process begin! :) :)

FIT! How does it wear? Take note of how it fits your body. It MUST flatter.  See if that pattern really accentuates your figure.  Check if the material is really breathable. Can you see through the fabric?  This is easy to catch upon first sight. 

A Color Match?? Taking stock of how your selections REALLY hold up on your figure is a great start.  But you must also see how the color looks with your skin tone. How does that blush blouse look with your creamy complexion?  Does it wash out your color? Or does it enhance it? Leave it or take it based on the way it flatters your pretty hue.

Priorities! Which event takes priority now? Is your significant other's holiday dinner high on your priority list? Or do you maybe have a few dresses you can re-accessorize at home?  Or maybe you are down to your last blazer and need a new one - which might have to take priority this time. Making these distinctions will be important to deciding how to best invest your hard earned dollars. 

HERE'S THE MYTH: We are terrified to allow ourselves to try everything that catches our eye. We think we'll lose our minds and spend ourselves into debt.  Or overspend on pieces that don't look great on us.  Not the case.  By using my favorite technique (The Process of Elimination), you're free to explore what you love so that you can discover if it's a good fit without overdoing it.  You'll wind up picking pieces that actually fit and flatter you and your budget without feeling like you've left thousands of great options behind.  Reverse psychology? Maybe. But you're just having your cake and eating it too. ;)

So, Fashionista, I want you to go shopping and throw caution to the wind.  BUT do take your brain with you.  Scrutinize. See what ACTUALLY flatters your figure and your skin tone. Then ask yourself what type of clothing is priority? A fancy dress for Thanksgiving dinner with your significant other's family? Or a new work jacket? Then decide where to invest your money.  That's it! And that is how to buy everything you want without breaking the bank! I hope you enjoyed today's post! See you next time!

Your Fashion Coach

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