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Monday, October 21, 2013

Dress For What You Want In Life

"You can have anything you want in life, 
if you dress for it." - Edith Head

Hey Fashionista!
I picked out this quote for you, especially for Monday because...
For one: Monday's doesn't exactly elicit positive feelings...naturally
Two: We always have the ability to change our mindset...for the better
And Three: Style is like action, it speaks louder than words...and attracts what we want
It can say: I want this job. I want this client. I want to feel beautiful even if the day is busy and tedious. I want to feel pretty when meeting somebody new or my other half.
So, what do you want? 
Now? Today? 
This evening?
Think about it and then....
Go to your closet and dress for what you want in life! 

And if nothing major happens, at least you're making one person happy...YOU!

Enjoy your Monday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Flash Sale @ My Shop!

White Necklace on Left: Originally $29.99 Now on Sale $24!
Long Beaded Layering Necklace on Right: Orig. $16.99 Now on Sale $13.60!

Hey Fashionista!! In honor of our favorite day of the week, I wanted to surprise you with a flash sale at my store!! Go over to my shop now and pick out a pretty necklace for yourself at 20% off!! Sale lasts until 11:59pm PST tonight!! Prices already reflect discount. Happy Friday, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Pick Out Your Birthday Suit

Hey Fashionista! This weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday.  It wasn't the typical all-out fancy bash that one might think of having on a big milestone like this. It was more of a cozy, fall-style, intimate gathering at my house with my close friends and hubby.  We spent the afternoon into the wee hours of the night eating my delicious pot roast dinner (if I do say so myself ;) gulping fall-themed adult beverages (with a side of Starbucks!).  The majority of the night involved laughing incessantly at our incomprehensible jokes while carving pumpkins violently --- because obviously it's a contest! 

Allison and me!!  
Discussing how we'll still be doing this when we're 85 years old! 
Oh...did I mention we busted out Jenga inbetween that time? 
Jenga is...the best. game. ever. 

Jumping a few steps back to when I woke up one thing that was hugely on my mind was: what am I going to wear?? I don't care if you're sitting in front of the TV all day or hitting up Vegas, your outfit is the marker of your special day.  It's important to put some thought into it. Make it count and most importantly make it reflect the person you are. So to get you going....I've outlined two things to ponder that will guide you on how to pick out your birthday suit!

Like my birthday suit?! 
Top: Victoria's Secret - Shorts: LOFT Crop Pants (cut into jean shorts) 
Belt: LOFT -Socks: Victoria's Secret Pink -Shoes: Converse

1. What type of day will you be having?
Mine was casual. Dinner with friends at my place and having fun over conversation, So I chose my favorite casual attire - which were: white jeans shorts, blue slub tee and jazzed it up with a braided belt, knee socks and converse.  I contemplated getting a little more dolled up for dinner, but we carved pumpkins beforehand, so I skipped it! 

Think about the activities you are doing for your birthday.  Figure out what part of the day you will make your mark in honor of your birthday and then ask yourself....

2. How gussied up do I need/want to be?
Is it glamorous? Or is it casual? What you will do to celebrate your birthday will determine the answer. Dining at home means you can dress however you want. Casual or fancy. But going out to dinner and having drinks calls for a killer dress or posh jeans with stilettos.   

{{Pictured to the right: My Bestie & Me!! Can you believe we've known each other since the 5th grade??? I feel so blessed to have such a great friends in my life to celebrate these milestones with!}}

All in all, I enjoyed the simplicity of good old fashion fun with my besties. My casual attire provided the style I needed to ring in my 30th year and the comfort to do all the activities I wanted for my big day. So, think about these two questions, but most importantly, figure out what you want to do: whether it be a big bash or something more mellow and casual.  Which ever option fills your heart with joy is the answer.  Just always make sure you're following your heart, Fashionista. Wishing you a fabulous upcoming birthday and a beautiful week. 

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, October 7, 2013

Translate Summer Staples into Fall Necessities

Hey Fashionista! I'm not sure what the weather is like right now where you live, but if it's 90 degrees like it is here in Southern California, you're probably wearing your summer attire, thinking you should be wearing something that captures the fall season. Am I right? No worries, that is totally common for this time of year. In fact, today's post will guide you to translate your summer favorites into fall necessities - some ideas are great for warmer weather!

White Skinny Jeans --> Off-White Cords
White is perfect all year-round.
Spice up this season's white, with a 'weathered white' by going for an off-white.
Corduroy Texture = warmth, which will work for cooler weather.

Light Blue Chambray ---> Dark Chambray
Shorter days, darker nights calls for darker chambray!

Sundress ---> TRY Short Sleeve Knit Mini-Dress
Form-fitting and figure-flattering!
Add a comfy soft knit dress like you would add a t-shirt to jeans-
it goes with everything!
Go to for knit dresses!

Flip Flops ---> TRY Loafers
Loafers are like slippers that can be worn outside!
Depending on the finishes you pick, they can look fancy with a skirt, or chic with rolled jeans and a sweater, or can be house slippers. 
Either way, these are as great a staple as flip flops!

Bikini Top ---> TRY Bralette

Deep v-neck blouses are huge this fall.
Wear a bralette for those peek-a-boo tops that will add a style statement!

Tank ---> TRY Button-Down Flannel Print
I jumped on the flannel bandwagon early.
Upon wearing this flannel, I found 18.....thousand other ways to style this baby up.
Pick up a flannel for your staple this season.

Beach-y Graphic Tee ---> TRY Favorite Football Team Tee
Do you love football?
Or do you love dressing up and going to football parties? Or the game?
Then make some time to scout out your favorite college (or NFL) tee that will become your weekend uniform - at least by day. ;)

If you'd like to learn how to make a scarf to wear on game day,

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on how to translate summer staples into fall necessities. All it takes is a few tweaks to uncover the right go-to pieces that will suit your everyday lifestyle. Leave a comment and let me know which piece you're excited to wear this season! Wishing you a fabulous fall day!

Your Fashion Coach
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