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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Shopping on Instagram

Hey Fashionista!

I just had a 'blonde moment.' I typed 'back to school shopping' instead of 'fall shopping' as the headline for today's post!  Oops. I had to rectify that considering the amount of time that's passed since I've even thought about a school paper! (Insert wide-eyed emoticon here).

Speaking of back-to-school-time, part of me wishes I could go back and experience it again -- mainly, because I loved shopping for new clothes; making new friends and seeing old ones; and starting each class with an 'A.' But not before long, haunting memories of endless papers, 6am wake up calls and the not-so-nice group of girls that bullied me like a sport - in, which, they could've won an Olympic gold medal --- catapult me back into reality.

I do love the grown-up version of "back-to-school" fall shopping. The kind where you're done with college and now you're in the real world. And all you have to do is assemble pieces that reflect your fabulous, grown-up lifestyle. 

Yeah. That feels pretty great.

My typical place to shop for fall sweaters, jeans, boots and cardigans are: The LOFT, Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch. 

Ohhh, and now Instagram.  

Yes! I'm totally serious.  

This app was intended for sharing pictures with followers but has now doubled as a shopping outlet. Some of my fellow Fashionistas have transformed their Instagram account into a store to sell chic, new (or gently worn) fall clothes that are SUPER AFFORDABLE.

It's very easy to indulge in this kind of shopping.  All you have to do is scope out your favorite Instagram accounts.  Follow them.  When you see something you like, leave a comment on the photo with your email address. Shortly after, a lovely little email arrives in your inbox for you to complete your purchase.  Within 1-2 days your items are shipped to you.

Pretty simple, right?  

Check out my Instagram Closet 
for some great steals at:

(Or @ShopTheFashionistaCoach)

Also, check out some of my other favorite Fashionistas that sell their awesome clothes at:

Have fabulous clothes to sell? Check out this post to help you create your own account and sell your goodies! 

Now that question is....will you indulge in a little fall shopping on instagram? Are you thinking of selling your goodies? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! Have a wonderful week, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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