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Monday, September 9, 2013

7 Ways to Wear Orange for Fall

Hey Fashionista! Did you know? Orange is the happiest color? I don't know if that's scientifically true or not. But according to Frank, (yes, we're on a first name my head) it surely is. I mean, how could you not believe a guy who sings about the loveliest of romantic scenarios?? His songs always lift my mood.

It makes sense to pull out this post now that fall is...Mmmmm...less than two weeks away! New season time always brings out the idealist in me. I like imagining all the good stuff ahead that is ready to fill my life with newness. Like, new weather, new fashion and ultimately, new styles to try. I especially like the fact that I'll be able to add more layers to my outfit.  Not to mention sip hot chocolate, watch leaves fall from my office window, and light up like a kid on hay rides. 

Yeah....fall weather pretty much delights me!

To embrace the 'newness' that I'm so fond of, I've listed 7 ways to wear orange while we're in this awkward transitioning phase from summer to fall.  I hope they get you in the spirit!

Orange Boots.
Cowgirl boots to be exact.
 Or even regular boots. 
In a hint of orange.
Not full-on orange.
Just like brown, they'll compliment anything.
When I say 'anything' I don't mean anything.
Just your casual-wear.
Not your work slacks. 

Orange Tote.
A 'do. 
Add it to work wear, 
casual wear, 
black-and-white wear, 
your underwear, 
it works with everything!

Orange Pants.
Dark orange is fabulicious
It just moved me, so I went with it. ;)
No, but seriously, it goes with TONS of things.
Like, white tops, yellow tops, chambrays (of the darker variety).
And endless amounts of shoes.
Add it to your list to BUY.

Orange Scarf.
This is a blanket of loveliness wrapped around your neck.
Need I say more?
Okay, yes.
Yes I do.
Add a dazzling shade of orange.
And you're ready for fall.
No effort needed.
Ok, other than forking over the $$.

Orange Racerback Tank.
It's still effin' hot right now.
I would say the big girl version of that word.
But I have an Aunt who polices my bad language.
Yes...Even though I'm 29.
Pull out a tank - preferably in orange.
It's preferable to keep it cool
And look fashionable while transitioning from summer to fall.
Before it's even fall. Ha!
Try it. 

Orange Print Dress.
I'm a push-over for stripes. 
Add in some orange. Even a little brown.
And I'm a goner.
But you'll look effortlessly polished. 
Don't skip this kind of orange greatness.
It's fun and fabbbb....ulous. :)

Orange Jewels. Flats. Cardigan.
This is a 3-for-1.
But nevertheless it's worthy of your attention. 
And shopping list.
Zone in on orange jewelry.
They look festive.
DO try orange flats or cardigan.
You'll thank me for it. 
Trust me. :)

The end.

Just Kidding!

Are you excited for fall, Fashionista? Do you have a favorite out of the 7 ways to wear orange? Let me know in the comment section below. As always, I love hearing from YOU!
Have a terrific day!

Your Fashion Coach

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