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Monday, August 12, 2013

Roller Skate Style

Hey Fashionista! I haven't gone rollerskating in, ohhhhh.....a couple of years. Haha.  The other day I came across my rusty old Skechers' skates in my closet and remembered how much fun I had with them when I lived by the beach. Instantly I thought, why not take them out for a spin? Could be fun! Or could be a disaster! And then I wondered, what would I wear??  Here's a quick guide to help you pick out what to wear to create roller skate style - so you'll look cute and feel comfortable!

1. Comfort is important!
When you're rollerskating, comfort is important. You're going to be working your legs out. Shorts are best in this case. I wore leggings, but oy! It was hot. So if it's relatively warm by you, go for shorts, or even a longer short like "walking shorts." More points to you if they're a thicker material, like denim or corduroy - in case you fall, it will give you some protection. 

Also - wear a comfortable tee or tank. I loved wearing my over-sized tank from Victoria's Secret. I felt nice and cool, yet stylish.

2. Accessorize!
I'm a fan of hats. I loved wearing my Roxy hat with my cat-eye sunglasses. I didn't worry about earrings or jewelry or anything. Sometimes that can be too distracting when you're re-familiarizing yourself with rollerskating. 

3. Hair!
If your hair is longer, wear a side-braid. It will keep you free of distraction and looking super cute in a laid-back girly-girl way. If your hair is shorter, pin back your hair with a few bobby pins. 

If you ever find yourself bored to tears this summer or bombarded with work and can't getaway, I highly suggest whipping out your roller skates to feel that rush of summer fun- instantly! If it's your first time rollerskating (or you are getting back in it) - don't be afraid! Go slow. Stick to flat surfaces - or sidewalks with grassy areas that can support you if you stumble. Before you know it, you'll be back in the saddle again having fun! Thank you for reading today's post about roller skate style! Have a wonderful day!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Haha, I haven't roller-skated in about a decade, either! But I sure can rock a side braid... ;)

  2. Haa! After my adventure, it's safe to say side braids are a whole lot easier to handle than skates -- that's for sure! :) Oh -- and you get to avoid the "day after soreness" that come from working forgotten muscles! hehe


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