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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Fall Skirts & Tights

Q: Hi Amanda!

I'm figuring out what color my first boots/booties should be; we're moving from FL to VT and I forgot how to wear anything but sandals! For example, I do have lots of thermal cowl necks (don't ask!) and would like to wear them with brown boots and a skirt. What color skirt and tights would I wear? Unsure how to color match the tights especially. 

Thank you!


A: Hi Becca!

Ahhhh...sweaters + skirts + boots + tights have to be one of my favorite fall looks.  It's cozy, chic and oh-so-stylish on brisk days.  The good thing about your fashion dilemma, Becca is that you're half way there.  You have the right boot color  ((if there's ever a boot color to absolutely have in your feet this fall it would be brown -- they match with everything!))  You have an assortment of cozy cowl neck sweaters. Now we just need to anchor down the right tights and skirts to coordinate with this classy combination.  

This season is all about black tights - as well as the darker variations of black, like grey. ((So forget about buying colorful tights!)) However, skirts with flavorful color and textures are up-to-the-minute this upcoming fall season.  

To help narrow down your choices (which there are several great options to chose from!),  I've outlined a couple of pointers below! 

1. Texture on Texture! Solid color sweaters and brown boots are the perfect basics to a fun fall outfit.  To liven them up with sass, bring in a printed skirt with texture (like the photo above) and pair them with black patterned tights.  For work-wear, I'd stick with a monochromatic scheme like black and white (above) or grab a skirt with a pop of burnt orange or amber to brighten this look up.

2. Simple & Special Occasion Worthy. If you're needing a classic look, pair a black skirt with a white sweater and traditional black tights together.  It's a polished look for work, an interview or any other formal occasion. 

3. Casual & Trendy. If you're in the mood for something more casual, for the weekend or grabbing breakfast with friends, go for gray tights with your brown boots. Pick a tribal printed skirt that gives off a fun bohemian vibe that'll  make you feel stylish without the fuss!

4. Lastly, printed tights are equally fabulous with a solid color skirt. My trick for these types of tights is to pull out one color from them and use it to for your skirt. 

Just remember skirts are more fabulous in colors, prints and textures this season. Think deep blue, amber and definitely black. Tights in muted tones like black or gray are fitting for this season. You can pick out textured tights to add more style interest to your outfit. 

I hope that helps, Becca!! Thank you for your question!!

Fashionista - if you have a style dilemma, email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com! 

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Those black tights look like the same ones as mine (Hue). Love the outfits that are used in the photo shoots!

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