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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Lessons I Learned About Creating Style From Cleaning Out My Closet

Hey Fashionista! 

Over the weekend I finally put my foot down.  I had enough. I couldn't take one more morning looking at my closet without any luck of finding something to wear. My "closet-routine" often included many visual dismissals of new and promising outfits. They ended up being too fancy to wear around the dogs or taking care of house duties. (God forbid Lady and Deputy drooled on my white jeans or muddied up my chiffon blouse! lol) I felt unusually perplexed by this problem because new clothes filled my closet yet I ended up in pajamas. Every. Time. (Cool, huh?) I walked through this like a zombie, thinking I was doomed. "Why am I not finding anything to wear?" And then hoped no one would discover that I (the style blogger) was having a style!  Then one morning it clicked. Purge your closet.  {{Thank you for the divine message, Universe!}} 

I've purged my closet many times before, but this experience was more eye-opening than expected.  I took note and highlighted the 3 lessons I learned about creating style from cleaning out my closet. A few were simple slap-yourself-on-the-forehead truths, and others weren't so the moment.  Check them out as I hope they'll help you too!

Truth #1: The clothes I bought weren't appropriate for my current lifestyle

In my prior life, I worked in an office environment Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm.  I needed professional clothing like, slacks, blazers, heels, lots of black and white - especially black purses. Many of these outfits translated into date nights and outings with my friends. So, it made sense that 80% of my clothes were suited for my professional needs. 

Since then I've shifted lifestyles. And my wardrobe (and shopping strategy) didn't quite translate. 

Here's what my new lifestyle looks like now:

-Moved from away from city life to live in a country-like setting.
- Became a homeowner - with an actual backyard to tend to and things to update or fix.
- Acquired two lovely but rowdy dogs, that beg for my time, needs walking, play time, bathroom breaks and meal time. 
- Became a wifey. Well, you can dress however you want in this area! So maybe that one doesn't count.
-Full time writer/blogger. Lots of time spent on the computer working from home. 
-An online boutique owner.  And again, working on the computer, taking pictures, and working on content. 

Quite a difference, huh?

Once I got real about the difference in lifestyles,  (as in: what I used to wear vs. what I fantasized about wearing vs. what I needed to wear) I made new shopping decisions.  For my new lifestyle, I needed my clothes to STILL be stylish, but more flexible in terms of getting dirty and remaining active with my dogs, etc.  

Truth #2: Don't get rid of all your nice stuff because you won't use it often.

Going back to what I said about how I "need to get real about what I need to wear versus what I fantasize about wearing?" That is only part of the picture. If your lifestyle is similar to mine, you DO need items that are meant for a casual lifestyle, but you also need items for special occasions and times when you want to make a stylish impression; like, at a client meeting, birthday parties, brunches, weddings, dinners, dancing etc. Just because 90% of your lifestyle isn't in the public eye, doesn't mean you won't ever be in the spotlight from time to time. So keep the platforms heels and the grandiose statement necklaces.  But do direct overall purchases towards your primary role in life - like working from home. 

Truth #3: Don't toss your good stuff, sell it on Instagram.

With all the never-worn (or worn once) clothing and shoes I'd acquired, I realized I didn't want to just give them away. I recalled seeing several fun bloggers and Fashionistas on Instagram creating secondary accounts to sell their gently used clothes, shoes and accessories.  I thought, what a brilliant idea! I'll give it a try! 

Does that sounds like something you'd like to do? All you have to do is create an additional Instagram account -free of charge.  Create a name for your secondary account - preferably one that indicates you're selling on Instagram - I chose "@ShopTheFashionistaCoach 

Get a PayPal account. This is also a free tool that helps you buy and sell securely online. When you set up an Instagram account and a PayPal account, tell your potential buyers to comment on the photo of the item you're selling with their email address.  From there, you will email them an invoice - through the "Merchant Services" tab in your PayPal account. The buyer pays and you ship off their goods. It's very simple. 

To see how I set my second Instagram Account up, visit me here for my rules that you're welcome to use too! 

I told ya the 3 lessons I learned about creating style from cleaning out my closet was full of unusual wisdom! Did any of them help you? Please feel free to share which one you benefited from the most below. Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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