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Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY: Add Lace to Your Jean Shorts

Hey Fashionista!! 

Last week I blogged about print shorts and how they were heating up the fashion scene like the summer sun.  (Which, I ended up getting a new pair from Gap --on sale for only $20 -- that I'm absolutely loving!!) But this week I want to turn our focus back on jean shorts - because there is something beautifully stylish happening there too!  

I'm always looking for new ways to add a new twist to my style.  I usually find it with little tweaks, like adding lace to jean shorts.  It really freshens up your style! This DIY is a super simple step-by-step process that will step up your style game - big time!! Read on for the deetz... :)

This DIY is perfect for all my cut-off lovers. 

What You Need For This Project: 
1. A pair of jean shorts 
2. Scissors 
3. Small portion of lace 
4. Sewing Machine (I believe you can hand-stitch this as well if you are like me and feel more comfortable sewing that way). 
5. And a little bit of patience & time. :) 

Go to Lvly Blog for the full step-by-step tutorial on how to add lace to your jean shorts!

Wishing you a fabulous week, Fashionista!! Thank you for checking out another DIY: add lace to your jean shorts post! See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

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