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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Favorite Summer Accessories!

Hey Fashionista! In my book, summer accessories must go with just about everything in my closet.  Which sounds like an impossible feat, but isn't because I'm pretty basic. My idea of summer style is throwing on a pair of shorts with a t-shirt and a little bit of makeup and an easy hair-do to top it off.  

Don't get me wrong, I require style but in a "i-don't-want-to-lift-a-finger-kinda-way." LoL. Sounds unrealistic, right?It's not. I'll show you how to get there with this tip list (including direct links to the places I found my favorite summer accessories-- which are pictured to the left) to help you do just that.. (;  

First: Color.  Since summer is all about the brights and whites, inject a splash of yellow, maybe into a bag, like I did with my yellow and khaki stripe clutch from Gap.  Or....white somewhere in the mix, like my bold white statement necklace, which is now available at my shop

Second: Print.  It's no secret that I'm a stripe-aholic. Every other garment in my closet is striped --- must be in my DNA makeup or something ;) Maybe it's because they have a beach-y, classic feel to them.  Either way, stripes are a fabulous print to incorporate into your accessory clan.  I got my neon blue and white stripe scarf from The Gap for only $20!  Chevron prints are extremely hip now.  I love my Chevron iPhone Case that I got from On Your Case Shop over at Etsy. *By all means, please don't feel like you're limited to stripes. Tribal prints or polka dots are very sassy as well!

Lastly: Versatility.  Anything with a subtle print or texture is perfectly versatile. Like my new cat-eye shades from LOFT! Because of that classic cat eye shape and color, they match with everything from my casual shorts, to hippy styles and back around to the oh-so-classic Ms. Fancy Pants look too.  Anything more chaotic or wildly bold (unless we're talking about perfume - then go bold! Like I did with my favorite Viktor & Rolf perfume!) will limit yourself from the "this-goes-with-everything" category. 

I hope my favorite summer accessories inspire you to anchor down your favorite accessories that make your stylish life a whole lot easier.  All it takes is some color, print and a little versatility to create flawless style for summer.  Enjoy your hot summer days, Fashionista - in style!!

Your Fashion Coach

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Rompers

Q: Hi Amanda!

I love rompers but I don't know how to style it for a casual day out. Do you have any suggestions?



A: Hi Annie!

Great question! Rompers are really cute to wear this season. My favorite way to style one is by simply adding a belt to the waistline.  This is very flattering thing to do for all figures because it creates an hourglass shape.  

*If your romper is a solid color, add a fun color bright colored belt.  I love red or even go for a cobalt blue.  

*If your romper is printed - go for a brown braided belt. It'll add a stylish accent. *As for jewelry....Add stacked bangles and a long beaded necklace!

*And...strappy sandals are a *fabulous* must too!

Thank you for your question, Annie!

Fashionista - if you have a style question, please feel free to email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com. 

Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY: Add Lace to Your Jean Shorts

Hey Fashionista!! 

Last week I blogged about print shorts and how they were heating up the fashion scene like the summer sun.  (Which, I ended up getting a new pair from Gap --on sale for only $20 -- that I'm absolutely loving!!) But this week I want to turn our focus back on jean shorts - because there is something beautifully stylish happening there too!  

I'm always looking for new ways to add a new twist to my style.  I usually find it with little tweaks, like adding lace to jean shorts.  It really freshens up your style! This DIY is a super simple step-by-step process that will step up your style game - big time!! Read on for the deetz... :)

This DIY is perfect for all my cut-off lovers. 

What You Need For This Project: 
1. A pair of jean shorts 
2. Scissors 
3. Small portion of lace 
4. Sewing Machine (I believe you can hand-stitch this as well if you are like me and feel more comfortable sewing that way). 
5. And a little bit of patience & time. :) 

Go to Lvly Blog for the full step-by-step tutorial on how to add lace to your jean shorts!

Wishing you a fabulous week, Fashionista!! Thank you for checking out another DIY: add lace to your jean shorts post! See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Trend: Printed Shorts

Hey Fashionista! I have to admit: I never really was a "shorts girl." I loved the way they looked. But, truth be told, I didn't like showing  my legs too often.  was pretty lucky living in an mild climate by the beach because I was able to get away with jeans or Capri pants during summer, without breaking a sweat.  :) 

Now that I live in the hottest part of the planet, I started embracing shorts and my imperfect legs!...because...uhhh, 105 degree heat doesn't warrant jeans, unless you wanna not live.  lol j/k!

Anyway, now that I'm showing them off more these days (legs that is!), I'm paying more attention to shorts that are hugely stylish this year! Even if you're not a fan of showing off your legs, I urge you to stop being silly (lol ;) and check out this summer trend: printed shorts! And for those who love denim cut-offs, infuse your summer wear with a vibrant printed short for a breath of fresh air!  Let me tell you more about this trend....

These types of shorts come in an array of color combinations that mostly mimic the season's bright hues.  You won't be bored to tears with these shorts because they have endless printed scenery like beach themes, palm tree leaves, floral motifs, abstract designs, or something more subtle, like polka dots. 

This style is best worn not too tightly, but not baggy either.  Choosing comfortable fit will allow your skin to breathe.  Also, most printed shorts come in lighter fabric like, cotton, so you will feel stylish and comfortable on a warm day!  

Printed shorts are perfect for occasions like, meal outings, say breakfast with your BFFs, or dinner with your sweetie.  They can be dressed up for special occasions like a bridal shower, date night, or winery tour.  I love pairing shorts with open-toed, one-strap high heels - which is also "all-the-rage" this season too! Wear a bold colored top (either plain tee or a button up shirt - form fitting or loose!) to increase your style factor here, too!

There are ample reasons to try this summer trend: printed shorts; they flatter every figure, keep you cool on warm days and give lots of flavor to your summer style.  You can find this style at any retailer you like! My favorite one?! Give it a try and see how you like it!  Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!


Your Fashion Coach

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