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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Fashion Bucket List for Summer (Part One)

Hey Fashionista! Now that we're a couple days into summer 2013, and bucket lists are notorious for this season, I thought I'd create mine- in a fashion sense, of course, that would put me a little out of my comfort zone-- but, open up an exciting path for a fun season.  So, here's the first part of my fashion bucket list for summer!

1. Crochet Shorts.

For summer, I want to find the perfect crochet shorts that will look great with my short and curvy figure. As I've discovered, this one isn't so easy to pull off. (So when a girl looks fabulous in them, just know it probably took her a few (hundred) tries before finding the perfect ones!) :)

2. Bright Yellow Bag w/ the Perfect Stripe Dress

I've never owned a yellow handbag in my life. I'd love to find the perfect one and match it with a fabulous striped dress and fedora for an east coast style vibe...even though I've never been. Ha!  ((Hey, one day! :))

3. Graphic Tank

First of all, I cried of laughter when I saw this tank top on Pinterest, but also thought, 'wow, you have to be ballsy to wear a graphic tank that states a strong opinion.' You really have to be brave to face people's reactions and silent (or not so silent) opinions of what you're wearing. LoL. I definitely wasn't born with thick skin, but you know what, when a tank is this effin' great, you've gotta not care what other people think and wear it out!  Getting over my fear of other people's judgement is a worthy fear to ditch this summer! 

4. Black Sassy Sandals

I've been following this girl on Instagram who somehow gets to travel to all these fabulous foreign countries and wears the most amazing clothes ever. (How does one get that kind of job???? lol) Anyway, she featured these crazy sexy black high strappy sandals that I'd LOVEEE to wear out somewhere with a mini-black dress. Shoe shopping here I come!!

5. Crop Top w/Maxi

Another daring statement, but fabulous nonetheless! It trumps the belly-button-midriff song-and-dance and is very flattering.  I love how it shows a peek of an entirely new piece of your stomach, which can still be very flattering! But I wonder if it will look great on my figure? Hmmm. This one may also take time to find but I believe it's worth the effort! 

6. DIY Graphic Nails

I have a tendency to be impatient with myself when attempting to paint my nails perfectly, which only puts more pressure on myself and causes more frustration. Not the greatest tactic and must drop this one! Which we all would benefit from if we practiced more patience with ourselves --- especially when learning something new! Aren't we supposed to be our own best friend? And best friends always encourage us and have patience with us, so I will apply that same method (to more areas of my life!) and attempt anchor nails this summer...or maybe for 4th of July next week!

Well, Fashionista, that wraps up the first part of my summer fashion bucket list! I'm sure as we get further into summer there will be more trends I want to try that will push me out of my comfort zone.  But the most important lesson to take away from creating and checking off your own fashion bucket list is this...

Most of the things we want to do in life revolves around embracing our fear of what other people will think about our dreams. Sometimes they will judge you or say something offensive, but you know what, who cares? You only have this one life to live and most people are more afraid than you to live their dreams, which is why they aren't very supportive. Bless them and continue on your journey. And remember to always go for what you want, fearlessly! You might look silly, you make fall down, but you might have the best time of your life! ;) 

Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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